Hotfix Update - August 12, 2020

We’ve just deployed hotfixes to address the following issues in version 1.32.8 of Warcraft III: Reforged –

  • Fixed an issue with player slots not being displayed properly in loading screens and match results.
  • Fixed an issue with the Reforged Scroll of Protection spell effect.

These fixes will be automatically patched by the Blizzard Desktop App.


woah nice, just when I got out of bed too! Good job! No more planned flash bombs in the near future lol

Oh nice a Hotfix I was wondering what the patch was lol

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Worst developers ever.
No ladder
No new features


The real tragedy here is that, if someone told me a decade ago that one day someone would be able to unironically say this about Blizzard, I’d have looked at them like they were insane.


People ask you questions. Tell us about the plans for future updates. I deleted the game because you killed my hopes. I ask you 1 question, I want an answer. Will the big update expected before 2021 come?


Lighting shield effect on pandaren brewmaster is still too large compared to the effect range of the spell (90). Look in comparison bloodlusted brewmaster and far seer with same spells.

It’s kind ironic to wait for new features when they cut off nearly all the features the game already had.


Hi thanks for quick-hotfix once again. I got a suggestion. Can we get a buff on Rexxar the Beast Master please? He’s one of my favourite heroes to play as. Rexxar on Heroes of the Storm seem to see a lot of plays on all around the ranks/leagues from top-skilled players (me :stuck_out_tongue: ), but he’s virtually non-existent on here on WC Reforged. Most every other heroes on WC Reforged are constantly seen, including priestess of the moon or gimmicky heroes like Tinker. I use to enjoy Moon playing Rexxar in his hey days too.

My suggestion of buff is to make Rexxar himself as a medium range AA to match the lore to his counter-part on Heroes of the Storm, with lowered damage. Reduce mana costs on his summons and maybe make his summons 10-15 % dispel resistant since he has no other clutch to hold onto, or at least one or two on the lists on the following suggestion.

Nah that’s meant to be that big. Psh, they woulda fixed it if it wasn’t.

yeah sure :grin:
good reasoning, “they woulda fixed if there was a bug”, so there cant be…

All we want is the ladder back

It IS coming back :d

Lol, in another year or 2?

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