High Elves Wrong Eye Color


I know this is a minor thing, but that also means it’s an easy fix. I noticed in the datamined models the High Elves had Green eyes like Blood Elves. Are there Blue-eyed High Elf models and I just missed them? Or did Blizzard make a mistake? If so let’s try to bring this to their attention.
The High Elves should have Blue eyes until the Campaign takes you to Outland and they begin to use Fel magic to sate their Arcane addiction.


Its a little odd yeah.

Some models has golden eyes, some not.
Its an early alpha build i guess.

So i guess they will fix this.



This is good, but those are Icons are they not? I mean the actual in game units, they need the blue eyes.


Thought the same when I saw this, though when I saw living Sylvanas’ model had blue eyes, I think at the least, in the RoC campaign they will be blue, though I really hope it stays with the lore where melee maps would be blue (By the time their eyes turned green, they had already left the Alliance) and the first part of the Blood Elf campaign (before fel exposure).

They should only have the green ones during the later half of the Blood Elf campaign (after meeting up with Illidan) and when you fight them in Northrend when playing as the Scourge.


Yeah I agree whole-heartedly. This is why I brought it up because I wanted to ensure that they had Blue Eyes at the correct time.


Why would we assume they have the icons and not the models tho?


Especially since there are two versions of the Sorceress and Priest too between Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne.


My interest is piqued. What is the difference between them? I never noticed any.


They are all High Elves in RoC, both wearing white clothing. In TFT, they all become Blood Elves, and begin wearing red cloaks to reflect this. Back then, green eyes wasn’t a thing, so all that changed was the clothing colors. Since WoW:TBC, there is a new association with Blood Elves adopting Green Eyes due to exposure to the fel magics corrupting the Sun Well.



You can even see the Priest’s eyes change colour between games.


Ah I see, much thanks. I suppose I was not paying much attention to the clothing (maybe due to it’s color constantly changing each game?)