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Hello folks, any news about w3 reforged?
Like screenshots? Or they will wait blizzcon to make big announces?

They will announce the Warcraft III Phone Game at Blizzcon.


No fresh JUICY news yet, so far they are just patching the existing game up slowly to higher quality.


Warcraft III reforged gonna be a phone game?? Good excuse for me to get another new smartphone.

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Nothing really. There was a kodobeast in some magazine that, while we have seen the unit, I think was a promotional render so it was more up close and personal?

Otherwise nothing really. An artist uploaded their work on the new gold mine to their artstation, but we’ve also seen the gold mine too in footage.

People are wondering if something more notable will happen at one of the other conventions soon-ish, really.


Here, [Compilation] ALL we know so far!, I made a list of all changes we know so far, and I’ll be updating it the second I hear the news.