Have the Modeling Tools been cut, too?

  • The model editors Blizzard uses to make the new models, will be available with the new World Editor[4][8]
    • There will be tutorials to these new tools[4] and guides to make the custom models look the same as the Blizzard ones[8]

Has this stuff been cut, too? I haven’t heard anything about it in a long while, and I’m getting pretty worried considering we’ve now seen major selling-points cut for no reason. This was one of the things that I was most excited about.

Honestly, new voicelines being cut was bad enough. It would’ve been such a boon for map makers. We’d have effectively doubled the amount of sound files we have to work with. Is the custom map community going to receive another punch in the gut?


I think there was some mentioning about some Maya (the tool Blizzard uses to make the models) plug-ins, but for the life of me can’t now remember where and when and how reliable that information was. But with the content being cut, I wouldn’t trust that we would get the tools for free or anything like that. And quite probably not part of the World Editor.

Heck, I’m even skeptical if we get those guides… :sweat_smile:

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You actually believe they’ll give you this? They cut almost everything that isn’t outsourced to a different company. This is bare minimum effort and modeling tools is way out of scope.


Why they would care about players? As long as people buy it, its fine for them. Blizzard is a victim of their own success, thus they wont make any good game/remake anymore.


Forget about everything that Blizzard has promised, they’ll give us nothing


Wrong, they will force female hero versions down your throat, and call it “change”.

Man, Blizzard did not release the original modeling stuff with War3ArtTools until 2003 or 2004 towards the end of the Frozen Throne as I recall.

They’re not me. They are not going to give you Retera Model Studio Reforged. They would rather wait for me to do that for them anyway.

Even for Starcraft 2, the art tools were a plugin for 3ds max because that’s the only sane thing for a trained professional to write to help make models efficiently.

I faked the above video months ago because I thought it was funny. They are not going to do something like this, at least not for a long time.