Hard Reforged campaign was gutted instead of fixed?

I really enjoyed the new small layout changes and the extra difficulty of the hard campaign in Reforged. Though I did feel the issues with crashing in random missions quite often as everyone else reported in 1.35

I find it weird as before the PTR versions for 1.36.1 (Which was a version before the released version of 1.35) was uploaded onto the PTR, I found that both the FPS was better AND the reforged campaign was a lot more stable than it is even now in 1.36.1

I know Warcraft 3 was outsourced to another company, but do they not have the resources to find out why the reforged campaign was crashing so often, when it clearly was better in a previous version? They should be able to look at code changes and reverse engineer them until they find out what was messed with

Now I really can’t see ANY reason to play the Reforged campaign. As before it was generally stable with a bit of janky FPS, but with a generally fun challenge to the campaign. Now it’s classic hard (Which is pretty easy compared to the 1.33 changes), but with less FPS.

I REALLY hope that they have the 1.33 version of the campaign with all the changes done whilst being stable in the future
But seeing as there were months between this and the last update, I don’t got hope that it’ll be anytime soon

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Worth noting that the AI scripts were not the cause of the campaign crashes. It was the weather effects used in those maps.


I suppose its possible they could fix the actual issues and bring it back, but basically they were probably just tired of people complaining about crashes all the time and rather than fix the underlying cause either because the engineer they hired has no idea how or they just are too lazy, they just reverted everything except for the audio changes.

I know Warcraft 3 was outsourced to another company,

This isn’t really accurate, at least not originally. They hired some of the original staff to work on the Reforged update,but I guess this was too expensive or something so Activision (Blizzard’s parent company at the time) started defunding the project and cut off support, which led to such things as one level designer being left to work on all of the updated campaign maps, when it took a whole team of LD’s years to make the original campaigns.

The current "development"is outsourced. But the original development was not.

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All they had to do to fix it was disable the weather effects on the maps that were crashing, would’ve taken like 5 minutes. The community (including the guy that made all of those campaign updates) tested and confirmed that that was the issue.

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Yes, I know that but I guess they have a policy of ignoring unsolicited advice from people who actually worked on the game before lol

All three difficulties were reverted, as well as updates to lore, terrain, some cutscene work, accessibility design, and more.