Great Expectations

So, much as I love the wishlists and the “gee what ifs”

What all do we realistically expect here?
Because I don’t really see them adding a new faction and odds of new units in general are sketchy at best.

So bare minimum, what do we figure is going to happen?

A ‘Reforged’ campaign, updated visuals, an updated (to what extent who knows) map editor, better social features, and the obvious modern BattleNet integration.


Exactly what was promised at Blizzcon.

The what ifs and wishlists aren’t really for Blizzard to do. Expecting Blizzard to do any of it is futile.

I just want to discuss with the community for the sake of discussing a game I enjoy, as enthusiasts should. Better than complaining about a game about features that we already know are not gonna change.


I have made a thread listing all of the changes we know so far: [Compilation] ALL we know so far!

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