Graphics mod

If you have a good computer there will be no drop in your fps, simple.


How do you know that? What are the specs of the player?

Also, you can make the same argument for Reforged.

I’ve already seen people played the old versions of PUBG fine on the ultra graphics and a lot of people remember how that game needed a very good pc to just play at least the graphics. PUBG is a game with super realistic graphics and demands a very strong PC. Reforged is super fine and lighter compared to the old PUBG in machine requirements. Let’s remember the people already said the Warcraft 3 engine still being from the 2002.

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The comparison really is not very good. PUBG has a modern engine that supports modern features, namely Unreal 4.

You seem to think that it should be easier to implement such changes to an old engine when it is infact the other way around. Warcraft 3 was made during a time when people were still learning how to make games so not only is the code very old and very outdated but it likely has a lot of spagetti code in it, meaning code that works but is very inefficient.

Warcraft 3 engine simply was not supposed to support such features and this video supports it. There is just ONE unit there and the framerate tanks. Imagine having a hundred, now imagine having to justify the performance loss to angry players. In WoW, which uses a fork of the engine, afaik, shadows are a MAJOR performance hit, especially in raids.

The lighting does look flat but I think it’s a miracle the game even looks as good as it does now, at reasonable framerates (unless you are playing 4v4 and up.), the poor engine is doing the best it can.

NOW, if this was Warcraft 4 and the lighting was this flat I would be pissed and probably not buy the game. I expect the best of the best from a mainline Blizzard game but considering the circumstances (the old technology), the game looks as good as it can. As much as I wished this was treated like a mainline Blizzard game, it is not. It almost was but something seems to have happened. I think ActiBlizz pulled funding from the game at one point. Just some speculation.

Finally, I think you should look at the video from 2018 by Back2Warcraft. The framerate is abysmal on a mid-campaign campaign map, which is a lot less intensive than multiplayer, especially modes like 4v4. I suspect shadows are one of the culprits.


So… Lets go, you tried to say that people’s computers would not support the better graphics. I will say a mention to the old PUBG early access for that comparison. The old PUBG early access did not have an great optimization in the early and that really demanded a lot for the machine from people to have an good fps performance, but even with all these problems, people still managed to make this super heavy game run on ultra graphics smoothly. So now imagine a computer that already ran smoothly the old PUBG that was not very optimized and they still managed to run this in the ultra graphics fine. Now Imagine how more light and older are the Warcraft 3 2002 engine! The engine demands a good computer from 2002. We are in 2020, and the graphics are already very advanced compared to that time. That’s why even if Reforged brings the best graphics, the engine will remain the one from 2002 that demands an great computer from that old time, because that are fine to bring better graphics because the pcs from this time can handle fine it!


Looks how HUGE is the world map from PUBG! Imagine how much objects are in this map for a match with 100 PLAYERS. That demands a lot from the pc, but you can see in that video the game still able to play in max graphics fine! Even upnotimized


It’s not just about the computers but also what an old engine can support. So you can get the feature to work but just because it works doesn’t mean it makes sense for the game. In the BackToWarcraft 2018 video, the performance is simply horrible in campaign but I get constant 60 fps in 1v1 max food battles.

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And do you think that computer the game was running on the demo was the best in the world? They didn’t even show the specs that the computers they used to play, and you think the game are too heavy?

In addition, all the videos I saw from the 2018 demo, the fps was stable and the graphics were much better than the current beta.


Sorry, I meant the Grubby video. I got them mixed up.

Most of the graphics are the same but the lighting is better.

Sadly, no. The forum is full of complaints of people with good hardware and horrible performance.

I own many early access games and that happens when they launch the unoptimized game, and over time it gets mostly fixed. Doesnt happen a day before final release xD

Im already in the ww3 with graphics etc…but I came to forums due to performance, and that is another whole, bloody war.

Iirc we both have 970, which for me still delivers rocky fps on new games at high settings, and despite I managed to get decent fps here with a couple workarounds (disable mouse cursor lag, go borderless window) I have a strong opinion on how unoptimized this game is.

Yes, im giving you the reason to another concept you gave: performance may be a good reason (excuse) to have cut shadows / lightning…

but hey, I try to own every rts / turn based strategy game…well, any game I like, and its not impossible to deliver the graphics from that mod or the current gameplay graphics trailer with good performance. Its just a matter of time and money.

I’d prefer to avoid giving names and making comparisons…but there are early access, indie rts, that have better graphics, and can even swap from fps to rts (eximius and ecen one or two more)

Oh, maybe you say the engine has limitations too: there you’d now giving me the reason to a previous concept I and many others said: theb, another good motive to have Reforged the game on sc2 engine.

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But the feel of the game is intimately tied to the engine (hitboxes, even bugs). PLUS, it would destroy all the custom maps made for the game. Also, SC2 engine is already 10 years old, it’s not new anymore.

As for performance, it really depends what you play. On my end it lags in huge 4v4 battles but in 1v1 I get constant 60 fps. I really think people should mention this.

I’m not saying the graphics of that mod are impossible on a modern engine but certain features will be much harder to optimize due to old tech. It’s exactly the same in WOW, Shadows are a HUGE performance hit, especially in raids.

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Its almost like they realized, given all those problems conflicting with each other, than they shouldnt even have started developing reforged…one year before release.

edit: but decided to deliver what they could, to not communicate, keep advertising what really convinced customers, and even offering refunds in case of disappointment, in the very release hype email…

Wait, the mail is real?!!

I hope it’s not real. It would be a new low for Blizzard. This can’t be real, it’s too lame.

It’s real, but a few things about it

1- It was sent out back in December to people who prepurchased
2- It was meant to inform the release date pushback to Jan. 28
3- It offered refunds since it was technically breaking its ‘On of Before Dec. 31st’ pre-purchase release date, which in some countries has some legal issues if they don’t provide refunds
4- It was technically not a hype email.


Good to know, still very wtf’y, but not as bad as being sent today XDD

They are expensive when they are TRASH optimized of course. In 2020. with 4+ core cpus, hyperthreading etc… it shouldnt be expensive with this game.

Its too dark. Would be a mess in fights. Units needs to be brighter with unique distinction marks on them.

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This mod looks better than the currently graphics of the game


Please do better graphics for warcraft 3 reforged! Please!


Tutorial: Graphics Improvement for Reforged -> Tutorial: Graphics Improvement for Reforged