Give back Classic

it’s what most players were doing for years prior to the WC3R announcement and WC3 was patched to use BattleNet2. You’re acting as if ALL OF A SUDDEN AFTER 18 YEARS Blizzard removed BattleNet support.

Dude, I’m literally telling you to find your own solution rather than crying to daddy Blizzard to fix it for you. The complete opposite of Communism.

Wrong, and this is a testimony that you neither have any idea, and cannot relate to the frustration we feel.
Prior to Reforge release, all you did was open WC3, click on Battlenet, log on and start playing. There were very few who actually used alternative ways, the vast majority played thorugh the intended service, right up the the very hour before Reforge launch.
Yes ALL OF A SUDDEN, Warcraft 3 online Bnet support was removed. We are forced to play Reforged, unless we find alternative ways for ourselves and that is a very spiteful thing to do and it hampers our chances and ability to fully return to status quo.

Then you are missing the whole point of this thread. We never needed you to tell us how to do it, thats not the point. We know its possible to some extent to return, but its irrelevant because reasons I have already written TWICE. Its spiteful to consumers and dedicated fans to force them into back-alleys and half-murder the community because most wont bother to find all the doors.
They literally could have left original WC3 untouched, thats the only thing we really asked for, they went through more trouble to ruin our experience than they would have by preserving it.

You’re acting like some company shill who pretty much boasted in your first 3 posts in this thread that “its all Fine 'n Dandy. No biggy” and your ultimate respons to company deicsion criticism was “Theres not much else you should reasonably be expecting”.

That is absolutely F***ed and you are a malicious moron for even attempting to trivialize our dedication, problems and regrets, with your bull5hit pandering to this new Blizzard.

If that’s what you were doing, you haven’t been playing WC3 for very long. You’ve probably only been playing since 2018 when the game was patched to work with BattleNet2 after the WC3R announcement.

Wish they would have just closed access to it again instead of trying to merge the two…would at least leave us with less confused people.

Why do you keep cherrypicking irrelevant points instead of responding to the greater context? Are you that desperate to avoid the actual point? I am almost certain that you are trolling at this stage in order to avoid losing your face, since theres nothing of value you can retort on. Your tunnelvision is so fixed on the fact that every thousands of players should do as you do, quietly and obediently pick up the threads, instead for questioning Blizzards decisions and, god forbid, call it out for what it truly was and the nature of its necessity.

Again and again I will say it: They went through more effort to deny us our experience and passion, rather than the effort it would have taken to preserve and respect it. This is the core of the argument. Blizzard knew there was going to be backlash for aborting orginal WC3 (and force us to scavenge for alternative solutions) but they did it anyway.

I have played WC3 on and off since 2004. Again in 2008 for the sake of dota. Played 2013 before I went backpacking for a few years, like many others I returned when Reforged was announced. Anything else you would like to know that could be crucial for the subject? I am also left-handed, cut my nails on sundays, and listen Pink Floyd. Maybe with this information you can get on track with the debate and arguments raised.


So if they don’t change battlenet to allow classic to work as it did, what will happen is people will just find ways to privately “lan party” over the internet to play their custom maps. Which I wholeheartedly support, as compared to WoW and Private servers, going from “you think you do but you dont” to “wow classic launch” I would have thought blizzard would learn from their mistakes, because history repeats itself. So look this thread up in a few years and maybe if blizzard still even exists if they realize it too late as which seems to be the norm, and tries to release classic versions of bnet games.

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1st: cd keys i can get @ my account doesnt allow me to install from downloaded discs
2nd: my ROC and TFT boxes are at home ~1500km away… im not going to involve my parent in to any searching of them
3rd: we were advertised to register blizzard games in to one account to have all games accesible, to get easy of installations sources etc etc…
4th: installation source @ battlenet allow my, rather FORCING me to install REFORGED version…

Look at StarCraft Remaster, they didnt cut any of classic features. And Remastered and CLassic options work fine, LAN work Fine, ladder work FINE!

Yes u r playing devils advocat.

Look at StarCraft Remaster, they didnt cut any of classic features. And Remastered and CLassic options work fine, LAN work Fine, ladder work FINE! I have bought SC @ may 1998… And can play it today, as it was 22 years ago, bro! I didnt purchase remaster, so i have classic graph, but everything what was with SC and SC:BW still is. They didnt cut anything. I dont care about new launcher, if i have everything what i did have already in day of purchase.

The new MMP servers are coming. Classic will still be supported.

explain how i can update up to 1.29 because i can update with old patch 1.27n but no find any ways to update my client to 1.29 for widescreen support

bring back classic that is not 30 gb big ! NOW!

There is enough info in this thread to get you going in the right direction.

yes but unfortunally in the 1.27 there is no switch for the campaign and widescreen

Yes, go play on underpopulated pirated servers instead of the server that has been the most active one for years on end that got randomly shut down for absolutely no reason.

scroll down to Warcraft® III: Public Test Realm

that is what you are looking for

you need tft/roc cd key and there is no one on the bnet there but it is the pre-reforged client with widescreen support

does not even require the launcher

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Blizzard shut down PTR yesterday. If anybody from Blizzard is listening, can you PLEASE allow us to revert back to wc3 before the reforged update? You’re killing the custom game community.

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Maps you have changed does not work in older versions of the game. If you have changed the game with reforged it won’t work in anything below 1.30. And there is currently no Custom Battle dot net server available. Just a warning to take care of your maps. Hopefully you still have backups.

Very true. Came back to wc3 after years and it is so sad to see what blizzard have done to this great game…

I remember being able to play with great friends while being alt tapped in wow heck even playing both wow and starcraft 2 and warcraft 3 at the same time. But now i can barelly even play wow and warcraft 3 anymore