Give a Sh!t about Mac users

For the F sake, give a sh!t about Mac users, it’s been nearly two years since that huge “June 2022” comeback that fixed the FPS of the menu on Windows. After two years there is still this issue on Mac regardless of the hardware

I have Macbook Pro 2023 (M2 Pro, 11C 19G, 16GB RAM) and I’m getting 5-10FPS in the crappy menu of the game

My only bet is this chromium trash you are using has some bug related to HW Acceleration and uses software methods for rendering, When I run W3 Reforged on Parallels (Win 11 VM) I get a solid 120FPS Menu

Other than that, the trash “VSync” option is useless in Mac, I turn on or off the VSync it does not matter, it’s still capping the FPS at my monitor’s refresh rate (The MF Captain Jack is gonna reply: Why you need more FPS than your refresh rate? cause the Freaking game sucks and has mouse lag and the only way to mitigate it is having 2x-3x more FPS, that reduce mouse lag option does not do a crap)

I’m using Classic GFX and don’t care about HD GFX. In case you are wondering if the hardware is capable, I get solid 300FPS maxed in W3 Reforged in Parallels (that is running virtually in my Mac!)

So why do I need more FPS than VSync? cause the Mouse has a hugeeee lag in comparison to windows, and guess what is impacting the mouse? The freaking “Disable OS Shortcuts” option in MacOS! When having that enabled, or the switch command and ctrl keys, or the use fn modifier as normal or etc, all those options that do something with “Keyboard” are making the mouse lag!

When having any of them enabled, and clicking a keyboard button, mouse starts lagging, you cannot use the mouse and keyboard at the same time when any of those “Mac Only” options about keyboard are enabled, for instance: when navigating between control groups, or holding down a key to spam click the build of something ASAP, it causes the mouse to lag

For reproducing the issue, Enable the “Disable OS Shortcuts”, enter a game and hold any keyboard key you want, your mouse will lag AF until you release the key on the keyboard.

having the “Disable OS Shortcuts” disabled helps a bit, but not much since I have to check the option to use normal function keys, as I repeat: any option related to keyboard shortcuts in game settings, adds up a lag to mouse when pressing keyboard key, and the most freaking one is the Disable OS Shortcuts

Please blizzard, give a sh!t about Mac users, not everyone is on Windows, I can blindly bet that your devs have not even tried running the game on Mac since 2020, the Mac version of the game is suffering from the most basic and fundamental options and change that even the version 1.29 of the Classic Warcraft III had.

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