"Gamestar" Gaming Media calls out Blizzard over underdelivering on Reforged one year later

The advance purchase usually comes with beneficial or at my house. it is usually cheaper than future purchase.

This post is beyond disgusting with the way you’re twisting words and NO ONE EVER should take anything you say seriously or at least genuinely and in good faith.


Saying something has the POSSIBILITY of happening does not mean they’re claiming it is the norm. Oh and btw, 2 people living on the far east of Russia would be closer to Asia data centres than EU ones in Amsterdam.



I honestly can’t tell if it’s because you don’t want to engage the point honestly or because you literally don’t understand what is being said. Claiming someone is unable or unwilling to do something when there is PROOF of them doing something means the person making that claim MAY be out of touch. It’s not shilling to post this. It’s just basic logic.

And let’s not get started on that thread, where all Leviathan did was use the numbers you originally gave them to equate prices and you spent the rest of the thread saying they were wrong while providing no actual evidence.

It’s amazing people can change the definition of words at will on this forum and when called out on it just accuse people of being Blizzard shills.

Adding a modal word such as “may” and “possibly” gives you the liberty to advocate for abstruse theories which clearly benefit Actiblizz’ public image and are contrary to the truth, e.g. that Europeans playing 1v1 should never play on non-EU servers and that there is no development progress whatsoever on ladder and profiles? Ok bro…

May in that instance was used because the Journalist MAY have been out of touch or they MAY have been pushing a narrative knowing what they were claiming was false. We don’t know, so may is used to not make definitive claims we have no proof of. Welcome to the English language.

You mean outside of what we were shown? Showing that there WAS progress? You can’t claim things you don’t have proof of. I’m sorry that people on this forum don’t understand that.

Leviathan never said this, you’re just making things up. There are cases where 2 people living in Russia could be closer to an Asia data centre, that was Leviathans point, and it’s true, I’m sorry you don’t like reality.

[quote=“arcsaber-21354, post:35, topic:26595”]
Adding a modal word such as “may” and “possibly” gives you the liberty to advocate for abstruse theories which clearly benefit Actiblizz’ public image and are contrary to the truth[/quote]

Tbh, Leviathan just leaves open possibilities to different outcomes, but he clearly stated that he is against the current status of the game. He is just let’s say “less aggressive”. So it’s more about constructive discussions.
EU servers are awful anyway, there is no need to go to US to get a nice 200 ping…

But now please don’t feed the troll^^

If I’m trolling what does that mean you’re doing?

Yes, that’s what Leviathan claims when he says that the journalist is “out of touch” after the journalist exposing that w3champions built a ladder and profiles within mere weeks.

Except the 1v1 of two Dutchmen also gets occasionally hosted on US or Korean servers, even though the EU server is in the Netherlands. That’s the actual problem here.

This is a thread about the result of a journalistic investigation. Journalism is concerned with presenting facts and the truth within the subjectivity of its medium. Let me make one thing very clear for everyone who is still in these forums: “We’re sorry that you didn’t get the experience you wanted” is a direct consequence of people believing in the “may”, “possibly” and “likely” bs of megacorps such as Actiblizz.

“May”, “possibly” and “likely” and such are the “get out of jail free card” for any accountability whatsoever. As long as people accept counterfactual bs because they have blind faith in megacorps and/or “it’s just a possiblity bro”, nothing will ever change. Megacorps and and their shills will keep getting away with everything bad and outright despicable they do because “we didn’t actually say or promise that”.

In this very thread we have a skilled guy who spent considerable time and effort to provide actual proofs of the developer update screenshots being mere design mockups which can be done in 15 minutes, and the developer update text can also be written in 15 minutes because it’s just a bunch of words without a presentation of a coherent, sophisticated system. Yet, there are people in this thread challenging these proofs and trying to “explain them away”. This is was is called “desinformation” and “fake news”, in a systematic fashion because it’s not the first time. I will not accept this. Ils ne passeront pas!

It’s so tiring to have to go back and show you just how wrong you constantly are every time someone like you posts.

That is the original claim. Leviathian responds.

Now, Leviathan makes this claim using the evidence that we have from the previous Blizzard updates showing screenshots of the upcoming ranked system. Now when Leviathan says the author MAY be out touch, it leaves room for other reasons, like pushing a narrative, bias etc.

Now secondly. We have proof of development progress. It’s in the updates. Going from nothing to even conceptual images, is PROGRESS. That’s just how things work.

So when the journalist claims they are unable or unwilling (see above quote) it is fine to claim that they MAY be out of touch because the evidence (Blizzards updates) exist to show the contrary.

This is irrelevant to the point that was being made here or in the other thread. It’s about the possibility, which I showed could happen.

You know Leviathan refunded after 2019 Blizzcon right?

The claim is that they are unable or unwilling. The evidence provided from them shows progress and willing. Because if there was no progress, they wouldn’t have these images. Just the way things work. We can argue about the AMOUNT of progress, but progress exists. That’s all that’s being said.

There is no “proofs” from the Journalist video, no one is trying to “explain them away”. It’s not “fake news” or disinformation", it’s literally someone making a claim, someone rebutting with evidence, and then people trying to rebutt said evidence with their own opinion with no evidence behind it and trying to present that as fact.

its a 14 minute video and the quick translation i made is 8 sentences. you need to watch out you dont put too much weight into a very specific phrasing i chose to convey in very very short what was being said. its not a word for word translation.

also i disagree about the “progress” being proven by mere images - for the same reasons as i disagree with leviathan about that.

does that mean we’re getting a new main menu?


certainly not. this just proves someone spent time in photoshop creating exactly that what you see with no further implications. the person(s) who made those “screenshots” of profiles and ladder might not even be part of the blizzard team which worked on reforged but activision PR.

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“You need to watch out that my translation was bad and that you shouldn’t make an argument based on what I’ve said”


My dear arcsaber.

That 2nd link to my explanation on how servers are selected is directly from the lead network engineer for Reforged.

The 3rd link is just to my initial reply in this thread where, based off of the available information, it’s my opinion that the devs were able and willing to put the missing features back in the game at some point in the past.

So that just leaves our debate about wc3champions, which again, no one using a shread of analytical thinking would ever take what’s said on a single subject and extrapolate it across everything they say, simply because you didn’t like what was said.

And true to form of someone struggling to fabricate what ever they can, well done twisting my words in your hyperlinks.

Lol, some people really just want to let themselves be fooled.

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sorry you don’t understand how the English language works

you can make an argument based on what i said. i just want to raise awareness that making an argument about a 3rd person being indirectly quoted in a very condensed summary is very inaccurate.

when i write a summary of a 14 minute straight talking video in 8 sentences in a different language, there are going to be inaccuracies and i dont want the author of the video to be accused of some very specific phrasing i used to compress the content into basically 5% of the original. even though it represents what was being said, it is not what the author is rightfully responsible for as it isnt a word for word transcription+translation. this is exactly what is wrong with todays press and i dont want my phrasing of “unable or unwilling” to grow legs and get twisted into direct quotation somewhere down the line, as this has been brought up in several arguments now.

thats just a word of caution towards responsible handling of sources.

i stand by the summary i wrote up, but as soon as very specific wording details are subject to a discussion concerning the author himself, you need to have a 1:1 translation as source.

ill do a 1:1 translation of the part that i rapidly described as “unable or unwilling”.


"Since then very little has changed in the warcraft 3 main menu. the button for “clans” is still greyed out and a info box still states that this function is still to be brought back in a future patch.

it is absolutely incomprehensible for me that blizzard, especially after this violent outcry, could remain this inactive; how they frivolously missed the opportunity to show goodwill. [note: this is what i attributed with “unwilling” as this describes a choice made to not get active] all while profiles, clans and ranked ladder cant be that complicated to implement as the community themselves managed to create a fully functional ladder within two months post release.

[explaining what w3champions is]

that the fans managed to built something, that blizzard failed at, remains an absolute show of incompetence [or incapacity / pathetic display] [note: this obviously is the part i summarized with “unable”]."

It is not only that. There are many causes, but you may also read between the lines as “possibly they will… possibly not… I have refunded so who cares…”.

Wait, there is a missing point here. Duskstalked proved that those were not screenshots but mockups. That’s 100% sure.
That does not imply that they were not making any progress.
Leviathan pointed out that mockups are a common way to show how a product will look like. That’s also correct.
This still does not show how much progress they were doing.
We also know that the wall of text they added is just made of empty words. It just generically describe what a elo system is.
Still no insight of the progress.
So, the images are totally unrelated to the progress.
But, the funny part is that the actual progress is just shown by the status of the game.
And that’s 0.
I don’t care if the cousin of the noob who decided to destroy this game is playing a full version of ladder with his friend on a server next to his house.
The difference from months ago is 0. That’s the progress.
When you have an exam and you don’t even go there your mark is 0.
It doesn’t matter if you had done 0 or 99% of the work already, your progression is marked as 0.
You may argue: but Blizzard didn’t have a deadline.
The deadline was 1st of January 2020 and they missed it.
They postponed it and delivered a broken game let’s say 10% of a full functional one? (being the original WC3 a full functional comparison and no, what was already in WC3 does not count as progress).
Then they started the “soon” bs.
They could not keep the “soon” any longer and also failed at updating the community even for saying “hello, we are still working on it”.
This added a form of disrespect to the failure and it went worse and worse and worse.
The answer to the question “is the game finished?” is not “soon” or “possibly” or “we got a screenshot or a mockup”.
It is “yes” if the game is complete and fully playable with all its features (a bit of elasticity on bugs and tweakings or testing).
or “not” for EVERYTHING ELSE.
So you Leveiathan and Duskstalker make peace, mockup or not, there is no progress to talk about…

…and btw:

try to read it again now and tell me how it sounds^^

I’m just saying that both Duskstalker pointing out all the gimmicks in those images and you pointing out that mockups are a legitimate way to propose products are on the same line. The point is that all these Images are backed by nothing or better, they end up doing nothing.

There’s still a world of difference between seeing this as a failure to meet expectations, which the situation is, and calling it a flat-out-lie. Simply showing that the screenshots are mockups isn’t really proof that the backend wasn’t worked on.

All else, everyone’s in fair agreement that this is a shotty situation.

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Indeed, it’s what I have said above, but even if they had 99% done they still delivered 0. I think that the difference here is what they “delivered” and what they “were working on”…

showing cooked up screenshots of something doesnt imply it is being worked on neither. the screenshots give no insight on what is happening whatsoever, as they are completely made up. they might be concept, they might be an early preview or they might be a marketing lie. you decide what you want to believe.

this would be different, if the screenshots were actually taken in engine, which would imply something has actually been worked on but hasnt been released.

but the facts are: blizzard showed screenshots composed in photoshop and there havent been any indications beyond these that blizzard is actually doing anything.

they didnt patch reforged for quite some while, the last features they brought back date back almost a year and from these new advertised features nothing got patched into the game in the slightest and now we find out the team has been reassigned some time ago.

alot promised, nothing delivered.

those screenshots dont mean anything until they release something of substance. until then, i regard this as a marketing stunt - as this is 90% of what we were getting. dont forget that what they delivered until now mostly is catching up on what they underdelivered from the already reduced feature set for initial release.


showing cooked up screenshots of something doesnt imply it is being worked on neither. the screenshots give no insight on what is happening whatsoever, as they are completely made up. they might be concept, they might be an early preview or they might be a marketing lie. you decide what you want to believe.

That it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it wasn’t worked on, that’s my point. We can say they failed to deliver, but unless you actually have proof, there’s little reason to claim that it wasn’t actually worked on or that it was fabricated. No one knows either way, right?

So I’m not contending that they failed to deliver, but I do think that you’re unable to prove it was a complete fabrication that wasn’t worked on because no one has enough information to substantiate it either way.

I’m fine if you think it’s a lie, as long as we’re clear it’s an opinion. It’s not something we have insider info on.

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It’s still neither.