Game Specification Section Needed

I opened :

Basically sometimes, but JUST SOMETIMES, hero dies during TP.
I thought is because Magic attacks (could make sense) but is NOT.
Attached video demonstrates HH killing a tauren during TP.

So now, can we have a section with all rules, Specifications (Requirements) how game should behave in certain situations?
Like: "Pressing NumPad7 = TP, Hero should go invulnerable "

the situation described in the link is technically not a bug. What matters is when projectiles hit the target. Teleporting with TP does not destroy any incoming projectiles unless they land while the invulnerability status is still active. If a projectile is in flight when you teleport, it will keep flying and eventually reach the target. That’s just how the game is designed. Is it a good design? No. But it’s not a bug (nor is it new)

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Hello CaptainJack, firstly: did you see my video?
I think is a bug, since I press TP, (circle is above head), hero should be invulnerable!

And most of the times it is like this. But sometimes hero dies. Later when was ressurected, TP item is gone (so is used). Sure is some timing bug, not intended.

Another scenario, more spooky, is when TP’d out from an enemy UD base, and you land in your (let’s say Orc) base than strangely a “coil from a Spirit tower” somehow also follows (coil is TP’d from UD to Orc base) => it kills the hero in his own base.

What did you say about that?
I would like to have also the opinion of a “Game Master” or “Developer”.

This is a thing that happens when the projectile takes too long to get to the hero while it’s teleporting (Of course, it was fired before the hero started teleporting), so it has to follow the hero to it’s new location to actually hit it.

Had the hit happened while the hero was still teleporting, it would have done no damage. But since the hero was vulnerable to damage before the teleporting began and when the actual hit happened, as far as the projectile is concerned the hero may have not teleported at all.

In Dota 2 dodging these projectiles through teleporting actually became a thing, with various abilities and teleport scrolls. But in Warcraft 3 these don’t exist (At least as far as I remember, someone pls confirm), leading to situations like that.

Spirit tower, fire time is pretty slow, comparable or maybe slower than TP time. So, it could be true, but is unlikely what you said.
And if hero is already located in his own base than nothing should hit him…
Plus TP succeeded but hero died! Pretty frustrating :woozy_face:
I consider this a bug!  

I explained what happens. If someone shoots a projectile at hero, but your teleport completes before the projectile hits, then you are no longer invulnerable and it will still hit you. It’s not a bug, projectiles always hit once they’ve been fired, even if you teleport. That’s the way it’s always been.

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Did you saw video? Does it looks like HH (one of the fastest unit in game), are shooting projectile before TP initiated?
And arrow needs such a looong time to reach Tauren?

I see clearly that second row of shots killed the Tauren, and he TP’d long before second row started !

Tauren TP’d at second 3 and in second 6 he dies !