Game is dead already

No hotfixes for ppl to make this game playable, disconnects, FPS harddrops, reduced amount of ppl @ lobbies, no Information by blizz for upcoming weeks.

Still a joke. Last patch last Friday which was more like „hey guys we patched something, no matter it is not hitting the core of that game BUT we patched at least something“.
Therefore, new ui designer for employment? Lol ? Maybe next week new employment for mmr developer?

So disappointing.


ye still getting 50% desynced out of games, game is rip no reason to play


“Don’t worry, they’ll fix it in time.”

Next patch:
“We weren’t confortable with the UI position on the screen so we moved it 1px to the left.”

“Oh and we introduced an online store for you to buy skins for 20$ each.”


My last straw was logging in my 4th or so day and getting Desynced from the first game. This came after the first 3 days of getting a considerable amount of Desyncs that always seemed to happen in games I was really having fun. When it wasn’t me getting Desync’ed it was someone I was doing AT with, probably 5% or of games where someone dropped it was someone on the opposing team. All of this just gets annoying.


I still hope that they will eventually deliver on what they advertised. That game would be fun to play through. Reviving the hype is extremely difficult of course so player numbers will recover only so much.


Its simple. After the fired the teams so that the profits could jump, they cannot fix things because they no longer have the infrastructure.
Fake wealth suddenly vanishes when you need the fundamental structure.
What makes a company wealthy is their employees, and the quality of their products. Wealth by cash and reputation comes and goes (General Electric, Sears, JC Penney, etc.)


They basically decided to suicide by releasing an Alpha stage product.
Now, even if they’ll manage to make the game perfect, good luck convincing new players to retry the game.


…and this is what makes me crazy. How come such a professional company screws up a game like that.
Give me one reason why “new players” in like 3-5 months should start that game nobody is even talking about anymore or just checking metacritics. There will be almost none - personal guess.

And sad enough, I cannot even log into “my” old wc3, playing a couple of rated games… without disconnects /dsync.


You know that’s coming. That’s the whole plan.


I don’t think Blizzard will shift any extra resources for already refunded game. Especially with all the mess they created it will be even slower process. Because now developers probably will finally start doing code review and waiting for QA approves before releasing anything. In my opinion game is dead.


but the other games will also come with automatic refund?

And i invite you dear sir. To your salvation!
Behold the community to the rescue again! All your Battle dot net needs in one package! Warcraft! UNFORGED!


i actually hate that this is true.

Even though i hate reforged, i fell in love with wc3 again.

At the moment i am really trying.
I am REALLY trying to grind this game…like hard.

But its so frustrating, there are no quality of life improvements at all…there are only downgrades. downgrades everywhere.
It boggels my mind but somehow i am getting over that.

BUT what i can not get over is the horrible, really, really HORRIBLE server performance.
From nearly 400 matches played, my experience is 50% of them get screwed by either someone disconecting, unplayable ping or not even getting into the game due to the client crashing.

So even IF you try to fall in love with wc3 again, and manage yourself to get over this horrible, horrendous launch…you really can not, no matter how hard you try.
Every second match you get reminded how sh1t this reforged really is, and the more you play the more you notice how broken to its core it really is.

So yeah…ill try grinding until the next patch but if they dont pull a total 180°, i will finally have to give up on warcraft 3. And believe me, i really tryed hard not to.


I’d be fine with that.

If they released polished products and actually cared about the quality of their games, that is.

Agreed. Games dead already. It’s taking them too long. No ranks. No profiles. No stats. No penality for leaving, dcs, desyncs, no ability to rejoin, i mean this is just pathetic. I try to play and every single game people dc immediately at start. On top of that. I have 150 ping+ every game from u.s. east. Fps drops. This sucks


The game is more broken with the patch then it was at release. It becomes more beta by the second. Im getting constant disconnect from my games. Totally unplayable


why should they care, they already have the money from the preorders : D


ive seen early access indie games with better connection stability its mind blowing

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AT vs RT matchmaking will kill the game eventually anyway. Going to be funny when noobs find out what a garg feed and protocol is. At that point it’ll be too late, and they will wish they listened to people who tried to save them…

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