Game Difficulty

Please know that i have faced both normal and hard difficulties.
Normal = easy !!
Hard = brutal !!
I am not a pro micro player but if just modified Normal difficulty to be more challenging but not so hard so it will add more fun…
I am unable to play with hard difficulty at all , also normal is too easy…
I wish you will be able to balance this issue.
Thank you

this should technically be in general. the best solution would be to increase the number of difficulties from 3, to 5 or more. warcraft 3 appears to be dead however so, it will not change.

Warcraft III is an old game. Old games generally were more difficult than newer games. Even “easy” modes might require multiple attempts to win.

Actually the culling became more difficult more than any previews time… i played it many time through many patches before and after reforged… this time is different even the YouTube videos which presenting the difficulty level seems to be easier than the current one… :frowning: :frowning: