Game crash in custom game

Hi everyone, I’m trying to make a custom game and have few triggers but nothing too complex inside it. Anyhow the game works fine but sometimes when i press a button like 1 for command group the game just freezes. I’m not sure why this is happening.

Could be related to an on selection trigger. Try turning off/deleting all triggers in a copy of your map to see if the issue is fixed during an appropriate length test. If it is fixed there is a very high chance the problem is a logic error in one of your triggers.

Warcraft III triggers are very prone to causing crashes and freezes. Even calling Player(-1) used to crash Warcraft III, although thankfully that was fixed by the Reforged work.

So i did as you suggested and turned off all the triggers to my map.

I’ve noticed that every time i press the buttons like 1-9 eventually ends up crashing my game. I’m not sure why, because these buttons are not bound to anything.

The custom UI support is new to Reforged so it could be a bug with how some elements are handled.

is there a way to disable it?

You can remove the UI templates you imported as well as turn off the triggers that manipulate or create custom UI elements.

If you are not using any of these then I think I misunderstood what you were saying.

If you meant selecting unit groups 1-9 via hotkeys eventually causes a crash in a map without any custom triggers, then check your system is not out of memory. There should be both sufficient many memory and video memory free. I would also check for sound driver updates in case it is caused by sound playback crashing. If you use imported sounds or models then maybe one of them is bugged and crashes if processed a few times.

If the crash can be recreated on a different computer, then that would help determine if it is a Reforged bug or a problem with the computer.

the map crashes if i press the unit selection buttons. i didnt use any custom models these are all from reforged.

Please link you map here.

here is the link to my map
please remove the spaces in between, I could not attach a link so I put spaces.
Also I play on 1900-2400 zoom
https: //www69

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