Game Crash Exploit

Recently I found a Bug that allows you to crash ANY custom games easily just by clicking a few buttons. Obviously I won’t explain how it’s done to keep things as safe as possible. I want to shed light on this because there has been several times where the entire lobby is desynced/crashed as soon as the game begins. That’s how easy it is to perform. Another things is that you can’t see who crashed your lobby so you’re stuck wondering did it.

I am writing this message in hopes reach out the developers and resolve this issues

I feel like it’d be better to describe how to do it so that blizz can fix it, no? I get that saying that is a little bit of a meme bit they have fixed some pretty important bugs with the last patch so there’s still hope :man_shrugging:

You should file a support ticket so you can pass along the necessary information in a non-public setting.

Turns out the it had something to do with the map not being able to save games. I contacted the developer of the map and it’s fixed.