FPS Drop, Again and Again

I have been mentioning this issue since 1.33, I was getting +300 FPS in 1.32, since 1.33 and even now in 1.34 PTR I’m getting 100FPS, this is FPS Drop to 1/3, and the reason behind this is : since 1.33 the game is not using discrete GPU for Classic GFX due to any DirectX or … related stuffs, the game is giving me same FPS both in Fullscreen and Windowed Fullscreen as if they have no difference at all

I’m having a laptop with i7 11370H and RTX3060, I have no option to disable intel GFX since my monitor is sticked to it

I’m getting 100FPS in Reforged Mode (it uses Nvidia) and getting 100FPS in Classic Mode (it uses Intel)

That’s how messed up the things are, My Reforged FPS and Classic FPS are same, on same laptop

the reason that your staffs cant see change, is that basically even intel on-board gpu can handle classic GFX with +200FPS in 1920x1080 so it seems fine, but for me with 3440x1440 resoloution the intel GPU cannot handle this res with more than 100FPS

I have no Idea what your “Web Developers” have changed in the “Game Engine”, it’s better they just revert to 1.32 latest commit and just quit, Game Engine is not the Game Menu so we can get used to it, Every Single Frame matters, I don’t expect to get only 100FPS on 2022 laptop from a game with GFX from 2002

The FPS drop is causing Mouse Lags, UnSmoothness, and so much more laggy feeling that I could not get used to it even after 3 months of release

It might be caused due to DX Compatibility layer update for older version, or …, just please investigate the problem, what you need is a laptop with intel on-board gfx and nvidia dedicated graphics, both using the latest drivers, and a resoloution higher than 1920x1080

Damn, I haven’t been able to play since 1.32 where everything was perfect for me, unfortunately now I vca at 1 fps or 2 maximum: c

bruh, t’s not a counter-strike, you won’t notice difference between 100 fps and 200 fps…

though I wholeheartedly agree warcraft 3 developers are among the worst of the worst programmers.

You might be a total idiot not noticing difference between 100 and 200 fps on a capable monitor, the mouse lag and smoothness

u don’t even need 100 fps to have a smooth game in warcraft 3, it’s not first person shooter dumbass. most console games have 60fps capped, and they play just fine, let alone this 20 years old game. there have been numerous research shows a human eye can only perceive very little difference when frame rater is higher than 100 fps.

if you are getting jitters it’s most likely you are suffering from extremely low frame rate every once in a while which would be less than 30fps when it happens for you to notice.

now, stop calling people idiot if you haven’t measured exact fps and just start spewing some non-sense numbers out of your a$$ and cry lag.

u are a retard who have not seen more than 60fps due to $hitty hardware from 2000’s, If you can afford a decent hardware and see difference between 300FPS and 60FPS, you can then shut up bastard

I’m sorry, I noticed this serious issue in version 1.35,

UI update, advanced obs is not the focus of reforged

Fps is the key issue

Proof video on all versions of 1.36 low fps - Bug Report - Warcraft III: Reforged Forums (blizzard.com)

Perhaps the content in the video is the same as yours