FFA lader no work

if you don’t care about warcraft 3 give it back to the community. and make an official w3chempions leader.

There will never be an “official w3champions ladder” because w3champions is not blizzard or battle.net. Nor should they do such a thing, they should just make a thing that works.
The community also never owned warcraft 3 and any attempt by the community to “take it” would 100% result in legal action.

This issue happened with 3v3 and was (eventually) fixed. It will get fixed, just keep your pants on.

W3Champions has a very biased ‘‘corrupt’’ team, you do not want them running things.

As much as Blizzard might be lacking, at least they will never care enough to become biased in the community.

What we should hope from Blizzard is more servers to fix the ping imbalances, some sort of teamkilling detection system and then patches every now and then to fix balance/bugs/and so on.

Reminds me of “Can you please make Dota an official map?” :slight_smile:

It happens in every private ladder system… then you put 1 million dollar on it and people stops complaining it seems…

Sure, add more damage :wink:

from a team that can barely program a browser… :wink:

let’s just remember that a “patch” is what destroyed this game in the very beginning…

we should move on and forget :slight_smile:

Feel free.

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even if blizzard. fix the ladder. some control is still needed. so that cheaters don’t ruin the fun