"Failed to retrieve data"

Same here :disappointed:

Same here. What a mess! (again).

I have the same issue after playing 5 games in solo queue and achieving a rank, 100th, now I’m hard stopped! I just won a hard fought ranked game against a top 100 player, and instead of a better MMR my game resulted in a failed to retrieve data. Thanks Blizz, please fix this crap.

Two games in a row failed to retrieve data, what the heck Blizzard!

I played two nights and nothing

Same here. I played many Times and always it says « failed to retrieve data » and i get no Ranking

It’s a known issue.

Stickied thread in this section.

According to the devs the matches are still being recorded and should show up after the issue is addressed.

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They believe it is recorded…

By the way, i lost 5 Games in a row and i am playing against better and better opponents. Is it going to be fixed too?

we call such people “smurfs.” No patch can fix smurfs.

The matches were recorded and now show up with the update released just now as of this post.

-edit- I’m still not getting the results right after a match, although results from games I played several hours ago have now shown up.

Also happening to me. I think I have played 15 placement matches and only 4 have counted towards my placement.

13days later- same issue.

18 days later still the same issue. Can’t get a single game recorded for like 4 days already.

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I feel like they only tested 1v1 and called it a day. Ranked is more or less working correctly in 1v1. But in all team modes and FFA, everything ranges from sporadically to completely busted. Especially in 4v4 it’s a race to the bottom with nobody getting wins lol

Edit: Today I gained MMR in a 4v4 for the first time ever lol

(hopefully this helps my detractors realize that yes, I’m frustrated too)

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I have same problem.

still happens sometimes

how the F can this still be an issue - just won a 4v4 game after 30 min of gametime and - - failed to retrieve data, win doesnt count towards next icon, does not appear in my profile as a win - what the actual F its been months and a couple patches have since been made?

Same here since the last update, now in placement matches for season 2 for 2023, have played 8 placement matches already because it always fails to receive data -.-

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For me it counts something like every 10th game! And somehow it’s always my losses that gets counted xD
Thanks for putting some effort into WC3 Blizzard! Hope you fix this bug some time :slight_smile:
PS. I was unlucky once and disconnected while loading a ranked game - when I logged on again, the ranking system had counted 200 new losses for me haha.