Facial Animations in units portraits stops working

Hello everyone

I’d like to report this little bug here. Suddenly, the mouths of every unit stops moving, there are no animations in the portraits. The unit speak when I click on it but the portraits are immovable without any animation. When I exit the game and restart, the facial animations works again, but after some minutes or when I load any savegame, it brokes again. This is happening in every campaign

Please, fix this facial animation. It brokes immersion.

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The main guy who created/edited several of the Reforged campaign missions and who was later let go from Blizzard has posted on a smurf account – I think (can’t verify but I have a reason to believe this is true) – on this forum. The user that I think is associated with that guy is telling people that they should not load from save games on the new Patch 1.33 (since August 2022) because the patch is broken.

So, based on what he was saying, my advice for you is do not use the save game feature!

That’s sad in so many levels… XP

Exactly. But it’s not resctricted in savegames only. If you restart the level, it brokes too.
Unfortunately this game is broken in all means. In the fall of silvermoon quest, the game crashes randomly

Turn spell effects to low.

I’ll try. I’ll inform the results soon