Enough of this non-sense

Enough of this non-sense, I’ve waited long enough!
Asking for a refund today. You were supposed to launch it in December, we’re almost in March and there isn’t a ladder option! Even Grubby is playing the old version! Have you lost your mind Blizzard developers?


They just don’t care anymore. They are making gross cash-grabs, and they are not even trying to hide it anymore. They destroyed the beloved classic game? It’s all fine as long as they get some quick bucks. It doesn’t matter to them. Even though back in 2018 they kept on talking about how they wanted to preserve the classic game for the modding community, that kept it alive for over one-and-a-half decade.

But what saddens me even more, is how many people are still defending this. These people, whether knowingly, or not, are enabling the company to act this way. As long as people keep excusing such mistreatment of the gaming community, nothing will change.


You don’t have any prove for that.
Nobody knows what happens inside blizzard.
I don’t say that they haven’t make any faults in releasing this game and making it.

Its all based on rumors. and please dont say that the prove is that grubby left…
I get that people want their money back and feel threat by blizzard.
But non if it is been proved in anyway.


And this guy is a prime example of an enabler of anti-consumer practices from companies, that I mentioned in my previous post.

You don’t have any prove for that.
Nobody knows what happens inside blizzard.

We don’t need to. We see the result - Wc3:Refunded. This defense is weak even for you deluded/paid fanboys/shills. Are you even trying?

People SHOULD “complain” (criticize poor products). We should be VERY vocal about any problems with the games. And we should back up our words with actions. If something is below standards/expectations - refund, or don’t buy at all. And be sure to inform others of the poor quality. We should be moderating these companies and what they output.


lol no comment. dont want to discuss this… Again you dont know what happens inside blizzard. Once there is prove for all of this i’ill agreed to the community.

refunding is not anything as prove. Its people that are disappointed in blizzards actions. and want their money back… nothing more nothing less.

I already told you - there IS “proof” - Reforged itself. This abysmal release shows, and PROVES the current state of Blizzard. And, by the way - refunding absolutely is a proof. As is the fact, that blizz is handing out instant refunds. They themselves know people hate the product. And how could they not? The reviews are overwhelmingly negative all over internet…


so you say they not gonna change anything and leave the game like it is now ?

I don’t know the future. But I doubt it. There’s almost no chance blizz is going to bring back the Old Client. And lack of it is the biggest gripe people have with Reforged.

Then there’s Reforged itself… Is blizz going to fix it? Dunno. But they’ve been silent for a long time after the disastrous release and underwhelming first patch. And people are walking away from Reforged, as @Ctrl pointed out.

And that’s part of the problem, that was there from the beginning - lack of communication. Blizzard just kept silent throughout development. Regardless of how the development is going, a company should communicate with it’s audience. That’s how you build trust. That’s how you get useful feedback. Blizzard just kept silent…

But, well… Everything they did with Reforged, as well as their insulting responses to criticism of it, showed that they don’t care. They got their money through pre-orders…


Do we need this? Are these our problems? Should players control what should happen inside the blizzard? These are the responsibilities of management, not players.


Grubby is playing SC2 instead ¯\(ツ)


Who cares about Grubby - like seriously. Plenty of streamers do enjoy WC3 Reforged, plenty of the ones that actually stuck with WC3 through the years.

The guy left WC3 a long time ago as it was not popular anymore. Stop acting like he’s the bee’s knees.

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I wonder and angry of this crying. Want refud - you can get it. Get it silently and stop crying and asking what you want. I like new ideas: I like replacement of old client, I like removal of RoC balance from compaign, I like that it’s the same game and you can choose graphic mode, I don’t want old client and game return. I agree, that the current state of the game is absurd, but if they fix it and make some more features many people would be glad. Im sad that this is happening to one of my favorite games, but I’m sure blizzard will fix it in a while

The way you reply is saying everything. You say you dont want to discuss this yet you are here. You seem to have a weak willpower atop of senselessness, so anything you say is invalid. Newbie casuals like you shouldn’t decide about the game since you actually know nothing about the matter, prove is your way of commenting, all you do is complaining about possible complainers instead of counter weighting the arguments that got brought up. You are unproductive and useless, please go away and mindlessly continue your game. Me Gusta Casuale


Before i read another line of your comment: Stop crying and go do your business because this thread is not for people that don’t like to complain. All luck for your miserable future Mirash, your illness is a really nightmare and i hope you get good some day. Bye <3


Whether you like it, or not, Grubby is the biggest Wc3 player now.


I am gonna refund soon if they don’t get their fingers out and start patching their mess.


Grubby isn’t playing the “old version”.

Grubby isn’t playing SC2 “instead”. He plays a variety of games. He has also been playing Heroes.

no thats literally what he said in his discord post. he’s playing sc2 INSTEAD of wc3 because its currently broken, but will potentially return once it’s fixed