Editor Import Strings function not working properly

I will say this bug existed before the 1.33 PTR, but as it is not fixed by the PTR either, I feel like it stands to reason to report it here.

In the editor, you have the option to import a strings file (war3map.wts) into your map, so that those strings can be referenced by triggers and objects. I opened a blank map and imported a .wts from another map, and then imported each set of object data (.w3u for units, .w3b for destructibles, .w3a for abilities, etc. etc.) and all object data was populated with TRIGSTR_#### wherever applicable, instead of actually reading from the strings file.

The map that the .wts/.w3u/.w3a etc. files came from is saved as a folder, and dropping that folder on the editor does open the map and there are no issues with strings that way, but trying to import those strings to another map does not work, and trying to re-import strings AFTER importing object data causes an error, because importing that object data creates new entries in the map’s .wts for all of those TRIGSTR_#### fields that aren’t in the .wts I’m trying to import, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, I can provide a test map (and string/obj files) upon request. Thanks for your time.