Durotar bonus campaign still broken in 1.34

With 1.34 decided to load up my last save in the middle of the Kobold cave right before exiting.

Previously exiting to the main map had led to the huge game-breaking bug where it fails to load any player units, shows some scattered goblins and centaur with only idle activity, but due to some rumored script hanging when trying to regenerate heroes, the entire campaign was junked.

On login today, all of my saves from inside the cave (right before the transition that causes the consistent bug), now fail to load. Even the ones in the mission prior to entering the cave. I restarted the mission thinking this was maybe a good sign but no luck. Regardless of which side mission you take first, anytime the main map is unloaded for another smaller map instance, you officially go beyond the event horizon. You’re alive, sure, time is even moving like normal for you as you look back. But you’re forever lost to that larger game map and the rest of the campaign.

I get the campaign is no longer important to a small, possibly fictitious, team, but any update or acknowledgement of this would restore some confidence

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