Does the Community Manager actually blame us?

** WARCRAFT III: REFORGED DEVELOPER UPDATE** Is not an apologize, is not admiting mistakes they belieave they did not do anything bad at all, its just a DEVELOPER UPDATE do not treat it as apoligze or whatever to make you feel good, if you want an apologize from them you have to buy a ticket and go to Blizzcon, apologies are exclusive only at Blizzcon!

So basically does this imply it was on us, our expectations were not normal or something?
I mean before we talk what were our expectations, the minimum acceptable thing we want in any game is to be at least in a simple word playable 60 FPS and no crashes (my gf gifted me a preorder of this game and we played 5m after her RTX 2070 didnt meet the minimum requirement for this new game and game engine)
Why does the Community Manager is not apologizing first for been late, for false advertising, for poor quality of the game, suspending user for refund guide, for trashing their own Blizzard reputation?
Why he talks like a damn bank dept collector telling you “sorry we cant help your deal expectations”
And this part thank you for your feedback we 100% agree thats not a honest “thank you”

Can someone explain to me what does he mean they are “excited” ?
Excited how and by what?
Should they be excited when the game finished/polished properly and that we are happy at minimum at least?

No, you should not be excited about a massive failure and incompetence, not learning from your mistakes, its not a work of AAA Blizzard 2020 Game, you guys are not acting as a game company, you act as a marketing company, like a car dealer of worst cars.

How in the world did this go trough testing?
Its need immediately to replace people who are responsible with testing and quality and the Community Manager of how awful lack of management of the community .

Should I really take that seriously?
Not only that would be just a fake poor excuse not to work, but you imply you the “decision board” unfit people to take care of WC3, total disconnected with the game and the decisions favor less work.
And why the hell we hear that now dear Community Manager?
Why do you work as Community Manager?
You rather dont want to spoil the surprise and you were so excited and your team for this day when we tell you now how much we love you and how good job you guys did, right?
And let me be clear that you responsible about the part to communicate about big game changes to the Community before you released the game to avoid this and my time lecturing you and all of you how you were suppose to do your jobs!

This game doesnt need patches, it needs a new engine not the one from 2002…

I learned I should not speak as a player/gamer and I should talk more as a customer like “your product has a terrible quality so I want my money back and I dont care about your excuses”
Players do care, customers do not care about excuses period**.**

My girlfriend first preoder and gift to me and she also is a Blizzard fan disappointed…`

And to final its our fault too for not changing the imagine we have in our heads and hearts about Blizzard, the Blizzard we known and loved is long time ago gone…
R.I.P Blizzard now you are Greedzard.


you are right though lol

every aspect of their apology is crap, especially the part about scrapping 4+hours of campaign stuff to “appease purists” considering how we can still play the original game lol

just look at what they did to BTNtemp icon


They’re just blowing smoke and addressing the fire in the room.

I’m more hung up about them saying that they see a lot of issues they will not address at this time.

We hear you, but we’re not actually listening. we’re too busy doing damage control to outdate the outrage.


I expected only skins and failed to reach my expectations.

That is how its worded so yes

In reality, its has the legal department written all over it. They don’t want to spend anymore money on this game and certainly don’t want to face down a lawsuit.

At the end of the day, the community didn’t ask for this game. Most of us were pushing for WC4. Blizzard set the tone and advertised the features so blaming the community is absolutely disingenuous and they should be called out for it.

Its surprisingly the the Development Team leaders even allowed their names to be associated with that statement. The fact no-one has stood up so far tells you the people working at Blizzard are more interested in job-security than making amazing games - that is understandable but it speaks volumes.


thats like, just exactly it man, that sums it up

That has to be the absolute worst iteration of “I’m sorry you’re offended” that I’ve seen come out of a non-political entity in 10 years. Who actually thought this wouldn’t just make the situation worse?

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Their lawyers are probably outsourced to china as well.


That is all it is at this point, good news for the team their jobs are secure! Nobody will fire them (everyone above them is equally interested in job-security) and no rockstars wants to work for Blizzard, so there isn’t anyone out their to replace them.

That’s exactly what they should have to face. If you purchased the game, pre-order or not, and have requested a refund based on the bait-and-switch they pulled only to be denied, then you damn well should start looking at filing legal action or starting a class action lawsuit against Activision. They won’t stop doing this kind of BS until it starts hurting their bottom line.

Yeah, they should have spent more time down at the equestrian center.

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There is certainly a case to be made but the fact Blizzard are offering automatic refunds now makes it a little more challenging to win anything.

This is passion blizzard…PASSION! not hate, not toxic fandom, not an angry customer, this is pure unadulterated PASSION for what Blizzard as a company and what Warcraft as a game means to people who grew up escaping their harsh realities to pretend to be inside this fantasy world.

They love you, Blizzard! Save yourself before it’s too late!

For all the hate we give you and angry we throw at you, at the end of the day this is how we feel when we see our childhood being misstreated.

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I doubt he wrote it, but whoever did certainly seems unhappy with the fact that their little fraud of a remake didn’t pan out like they hoped.

It was a typical non-pology, which is a statement that resembles an apology but does nothing of the sort. There is no admission of guilt or wrong doing, no assurance to change or do better. It’s basically a “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Brack’s recent speech was also one giant worthless non-pology. He rambled on and on about NOTHING, pretending to apologize for Blizzard, but in reality doing nothing of the sort. Corporate grade non-pologies are often long and full of meaningless drivel.

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Blizzard hasn’t had independence since Kotick and his friends bought out Vivendi’s shares. It’s not a coincidence that Blizzard’s game quality started to tank with the merger and only got worse after the shares buyout.

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Garbage apology. “We’re sorry you didn’t like it”. Not “we’re sorry we f’ed up and made a crappy game, with censored and cut content, a crap EULA, and ruined a beloved 18 year old game”.


No, this is just the closest they’ll ever say to “we delivered a sub-par product that did not meet the promises laid out by our advertising campaigns.” If they did, they’d probably open themselves up to legal action.

Not defending them, as they definitely should own up to the failings of the product they released, just saying this is par for the course when it comes to their “apologies” lately.


There is the implication that part of the problem is customer expectation, but that’s an absurd thing to insinuate given that Blizzard set the expectations with misleading advertising.

It’s not a very encouraging response, frankly. I think the game is worse off than it was before Reforged and I haven’t seen anything yet from Blizzard to make me believe it will ever be as good as its former self; certainly not anything in this weak sauce response of theirs.

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No, its just an DEVELOPER UPDATE, not an apologize…
If you want them to apologize you want to buy a ticket and go at Blizzcon and there you gonna hear an apologize.
In Developer update they just throw one word “sorry” wich means what?