Did you just REMOVE RoC from Battle.net?


Do you realize how petty and ridiculous you sound? I don’t know why you’re trolling. What are you like 12? What is your point? Your expansion is better than the base game?
Believe it or not, there is a whole part of the gaming scene you are clueless about.
I prefer RoC and have played it since the early 2000s, very heavily, at least a few hours a week for years and years, and it’s been very active and never had a dead spot. I’ve played against multiple streamers.


Dude, stop-being-a-robot.

This is not something you can pull out your sheet of support questions in order to help an ENTIRE COMMUNITY. There is no need.

It’s as simple as it is: RoC ladder is not working since the last server maintenance. No one can play. You don’t need to do anything specific to test it.

Thanks for the computer science explanation, now go figure out what’s happening.


I’m surprised RoC battle.net just says please use frozen throne for online play. How can you just kill it off like that without a heads up or warning?


Am I the only one that reads this as ‘Did you just REMOVE ORC from Battle.net?’


You are the dumbest noob ever, ROC is infinitely better than TFT, ALWAYS


You were saying my friend?



see you boys on reforged


ROC is dead, the game is dead. Now Im tking everygame on 4v4 TFT, I will bring TFT with ROC ^^


Get in the line, there are tons already doing that. Make something special


Actually, May 23 is the anniversary of the death of NS Germany (Flensburg fell). Fitting.


exact same thing happens to me


Man we cant play on RoC, we got no warning or anything to upgrade this is BS.


I care!

And my axe.

P.S. The forum has bugged out and says I edited out your quote out of my response? lol The second edit is real.


With an attitude like that? No wonder RoC support got dropped. If you’re a representative of RoC ladder players, you just make them all sound like douches.


I only played RoC, and played it religiously, because it had a more vanilla feel. It was an active ladder for two decades, and the fact that TFT players dismiss it and mock the players is frankly disheartening.
AT is dead
ROC is dead
Custom games are dead
The world editor is dead
If your reesponse to this is to mock the playerbase of those things, you are a human cancer.


The patch caused a lot of bugs. It’ll be fixed I hope.


This patch broke many things. I’m sure they will fix them.


I only play custom games, so I don’t understand the issue here. What is the reason to not own TFT at this point?


Bring it back OMG!!!


I only got two guesses for RoC being gone. It could be on Hiatas much like AT.