Desyncing in Custom games - 1.30.1


Recently, ive come back to WC3 to play some custom games with a bunch of friends in preparation for reforged coming out. However, starting yesterday (On patch 1.30.1), i have not been able to get into a game without either disconnecting or (when hosting) everyone else desyncing.

In cases where I host the game, everyone will be able to join and load into the game. After everyone loads in and the game starts, it instantly disconnects everyone else.

I have tried multiple custom maps, regular maps, reinstalling the game, i have ports forwarded, and the issue still stands. Note the game also crashes in some cases when playing larger map files if played with multiple people, right after everyone else gets disconnected.

When playing the same games by myself online, there are no issues, it only occurs of another (or more than one) person tries to play with me.

Any help or insight others can bring would be appreciated.


I am always getting this issue, any time I attempt to join a custom game on war3, I desync. I believe the cause may have something to do with the new sound system, but I have no clue. Either way, it’s something that nobody can do anything about until 1.30.2, as it seems to be a version issue.

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Hi There,

Sorry to hear you having issues. Are you able to try the PTR client (see sticked post) and see if you still have the same problem?



are you using IPV6 ?
i heard when you use a pure internet connexion with ipv6, war3 multiplayer is unbearable


What i do to help is reboot WC3 after every custom game, that works for me.


I am also experiencing the same problem and they have a fixer installer that “blizz.corp” should adheer and link on there website.

I love the Warcraft 3 and diablo games, I dont want to see them ruined by bad patch’s and bugs.


Hello Mark,

I tried using the PTR to host a custom game, and we had the same issue. The game kicked everyone (including myself) after it finished loading.

Even after rebooting several times the issue still pops up, so no fix there unfortunately.

It was just out od the blue, as earlier in tge day i was having no problems then an hour later i could no longer host/play custom games with other people.

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What map are you playing?
What computer os are you using?
What is your ISP?
Are you running antivirus/firewall applications?


Map: TKOK 3.5.4-2. However, this occurs on Booty Bay as well if josted as a custom game.

Computer: MSI Z87-G45 mobo w/ 16 gb ram, i5-4670, and GeForce GTX 760.

ISP: Verizon, using their provided router. Ports 6112-6119 have been opened.

I am using Avista Free combined with windows defender. There are exceptions in both for wc3.

Note these disconnects occur (on 1.30.1) on bot hosted games as well.

Hope this helps! Thanks for the quick reply!


he also asked what’s your operating system.

Wouldn’t be super nice if war3 had some kind of log, where we can just look up what happened :slight_smile:


Oops forgot that! Thanks for the heads up.

Using Windows 10!

Just hosted a game on the map Booty Bay and had no issues (on 1.30.1). It may be an issue with the patch that makes the other map (Tkok 3.5.4) unplayable. However, I was able to play it on this patch at about 4:30 pm EST on Sunday, Nov. 18, but it no longer worked when i hosted it at 7:30pm EST. So not sure what the issue is…


disable ipv6. It worked out right here


It happens now a lot. Like 80% of games I join or host are desynced and everyone is kicked, host too. Hosted same map with same settings, sometime it works, mostly it doesn’t. Happens in majority in games I join as well, so is its not me?