Custom Game Looping Sound bug on Reforged Mode

The Death Sheep custom game scenario provided by Blizzard Entertainment is bugged on Reforged mode.
Every time you get a power-up, Multiplier increase, use special ability the sound will loop and never stop playing.
Note that this is not only the case for this custom game but other custom games have this similar problem as well when playing on reforged mode.
After three patches I do not see this being fixed anytime soon for me so I wish to know if other people have a similar problems with this?

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I’ve played multiple custom games with the same issue. Darwins island loops the level up and revival sound throughout the entire game while looking at a unit. Another custom game called WoW Reanimated loops only the revival sound when looking at a hero using a reforged model. It does not affect custom models/classic models for some reason. There are many more custom games with this issue and its a real shame not being able to play them