Custom campaigns screen looking nicely

The newest PTR has unhardcoded the custom campaigns screen, and custom campaigns are already playable. This is great.
On the negative side of things, trying to switch to a new map using the trigger that also shows the scorescreen will often soft-lock the game. This issue is fixed!

If the team is taking suggestions, place Custom campaigns higher than Clans on the priority list, but well done on both so far


Really? Omg yes finally we can play custom campaigns like Arthas campaigns human and undead and orc and rowan the wise with the funny dwarf voice line and warcraft 2 custom campaign

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Well i can’t login i cannot type in @ to enter my code

How do you get to this? I can’t find a button for it anywhere.

local files magic, if you’re in the hive discord, there’s a gluemanager.js uploaded in there that replaces the campaign button with the custom campaigns button

in other words its not official yet. (But it clearly means it will officially happen).

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Update! Custom Campaign level transitions are fixed now, the feature is almost ready to release in my opinion

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I can’t say how happy I am. Why won’t Blizzard let me post a “yes” as big as a house?

Really? I just get stuck in the update loop then the blood elf campaign crashes 27/7 and I can’t play it. It crashes so much I added 3 hours of time that it manages to squeeze into a day crashing -_-.

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Will this be included in the next major patch?

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Probably not in the one about to come out, probably the next one.

That’s what I meant, for Patch 1.35.