Crush game

I bought the game Warcraft 3 Reforge.
I seem to have downloaded it (why, it seems? Because, due to my stupidity, I accidentally downloaded it from a source with the already existing Warcraft Frozen Throne and in the end, for some reason, instead of 28 gigabytes, the total mass of those extracted from those folders in individual games is 25).
But it is not a special entity. When I turn it on, the error 93131bda-6dd6-4719-823b-2a44a47ecf82 appears and throws me out.
Now I’m trying to do “check and repair damaged files or download missing ones.” But does it have to take SO long to do? I’ve just been fiddling around for more than 5 hours, but only 30% has been checked, that is, in total it takes more than 15 hours to check files. This is fine? Do I have to wait for verification or is there an error in the code, can you tell what was the problem?

Reinstalling is better than doing the file check. But install from, and not from any external source.

Still, its not supposed to take that long. It sounds like you have problems that go beyond the game.

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