Create warcraft patch switcher so we can watch old replays

First of all I wanna thank whoever made blackfriday deal, so I decided to buy and play this game!
The game is playable and this is good.
But there’s a lot of room for improvements:

Currently you can’t watch old replays. I remember in good old times, enthusiasts made warcraft patch switcher, that having 50mb patch you can switch to it to watch replay.

If you can’t do this maybe host simplified warcraft 3 (without reforged models, campaigns, etc) just to watch old replays. Strip down everything so it should be 1gb game per patch.
Host zip with game for every patch like you did in old times on some FTP server.

Maybe we should say “they” instead of “you” in reference to Blizzard Entertainment here, to help remind Activision’s hired help like PlaySide studio that you are not the creators of this game, and you are not capable of being the original creators of this game, and that they did something more spectacular than you and its good to not become full of yourself simply as a result of bad society governance giving you sole authority over this game.

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This has always been the case since the very beginning decades ago. game patches are always going to break compatibility with replays from before that patch.

Supporting old replays is not a trivial task and it’s the reason why compatibility is broken by patches. Your best bet is to record a video of any replays that are important to you.

While there are ways of implementing replays such that they remain compatible, typically it means recording more information in the file than is currently recorded, and it would not be a trivial task to implement, so I would not hold your breath for it ever happening, given that the game has been around for 20 years never having the ability to play replays from previous versions.

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Read my post. In old times there was community created program warcraft patch version switcher.
Imo blizzard or whoever now runs it should make same thing or make slim warcraft3 with either warcraft3 switcher or upload every patch slim (1gb) version to view replays.

I read your post. Please don’t assume that people didn’t read your post because they don’t agree with your point of view.

I mean technically, anyone can do this by making backup copies of previous versions, which is necessary for such a program to work. The game does not itself have the data for older patches on hand, thus it isn’t possible.

People already complain about the 30GB of space the game takes up- if the game keeps copies of every version then that means even more space will be needed for every file changed by a patch. it is for this reason mainly, among others, that this is not going to happen.

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