Crazy Back-and-forth Hotfixes!

Continuing the discussion from Warcraft III: Reforged Hotfixes – Updated June 18:

Are these really hotfixes, or careless untested changes?

Could you test the changes before rolling them out? Does the dev even have a local test version of this game installed on his dev machine? Where is the sense of urgency coming from? Jeez!

Plus, why do we even need to touch ghoul frenzy movement speed and HH base damage again?

All we need is fixing the broken cooldown reset of rod of necromancy hero swap and wand of negation with a surgical, quality patch. That’s it.


Blizzard, please, stop rolling changes back n forth bypassing any discussions and testing. I could see if you do some hotfixes on bugs or if something is working too well but there’s not even enough data to gather the information yet. If you do a super slight change of total -10 ms to ghouls you kinda need to change their attack speed (or roll back their old change) or increase research time again. Those are serious questions that need to be 1. discussed 2. tested. You cannot just change things as you like. Moreover, there’s an on-going WAL (old TP league) Asian tournament going on. Next games are semifinals exactly elf vs undead (Kaho-Happy) - happening in about 2 days. Roll balance changes back and AT LEAST wait till a big tournament gets finished- then let’s talk about results and what might need to be changed.


I literally cannot log in now because the game is saying the patch is out of date, but the loading client says it is up to date. this sucks

I do not understand why there are “hotfixes” with balance changes last minute when there’s a big tournament going on (WAL tournament).

Why do we need to touch ghoul frenzy again?

The patch is so new that the meta is still being figured out.

So far from tournament results, there is no reason for ghoul frenzy to be touched so promptly.

(by the most recent tournaments)

Against Orc: Happy 5-0 Lyn, Happy 2-0 Infi, Happy 0-2 Focus

Against HU: Happy 3-2 Fortitude, Happy 4-1 Fortitude, Happy 3-2 Sok (both games Happy lost because he failed to scout a cannon tower. Otherwise, this was again, a clean 3-0).

Against Elf: Happy 2-0 Colorful

Again, why was ghoul frenzy touched? Why is this a “hotfix”. And why in the middle of a major tournament in which Kaho would play against Happy just days after?

We could talk about what needs to be changed once the meta settles more.

Is Night Elf going to get 150 lumber nature’s blessing in return? Is ghoul frenzy going to have much weaker attack rate? What is to give? What is the reasoning behind an unexpected “hotfix” especially in the middle of a big tournament? At least until the big tournament (WAL) ends, this “hotfix” should be reverted.

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Let’s put this straight - Blizzard have assigned Warcraft 3 a team which is still updating the game in 2024. The recent patch has had a hotfix 2 weeks after the fact. That alone is absolutely insane. We should be freaking grateful - both for patching, and for fast reactions.

YES, the hotfix was bad, but now the hotfix has been hotfixed - so again, points for nimbleness.

Please, stop being so negative. No, we don’t have always to be negative to show off that we’re not Blizzdrones. Blizzard has been getting enough hatred already, no need to virtue-signal.

Yes, balance changes may be iffy, but cut them some slack. Valve are changing DotA 2 mid-tournament as well.


Really awesome that they are keeping an eye out and patching!

Quite obvious that ghoul frenzy is not being played on pro level last few weeks after the patch, hopefully this re-adjustment hits the mark regarding usefulness versus not being too oppressive.

@AccCreate, nice that you show undead results of happy versus multiple orc (Lyn/Infi/Focus) and human players (Fortitude/Sok), might be helpful to also include scores of the 2nd and 3rd ud in here as well?

Elf just got nothing but buffs. The insane MW regen buff and wisp buff alone are almost unwarranted but granted anyway. What is the point about caring if UD get 10 ms more on their frenzy. It seems rather obvious that ghouls were quickly out of favor again. 10 ms is probably closer to balanced.

Terrible incompetence…
Dear Blizzard, - Just roll back to 1.26 and freeze it forever.
You should feel your incompetence when you release a hotfix and roll it back the next day.
You must understand that in this way you will ruin the game completely.

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I completely agree that at least the 1.2X version does not have such exaggerated balance parameters, and at least retains some of the features of the remastered version, but the game parameters can be rolled back to the 1.2X version. Blizzard’s current behavior is like a little girl, mischievous but unsure of how to make everyone truly happy

I think it’s even worse: the current “developers” simply don’t know how to make cooldown save to specific items. Simply, TECHNICALLY, current devs have no idea how to do it, how it technically works there. Shame, just a shame

I don’t think that is the solution here, and I don’t think there is a simple solution that would satisfy everyone.

If the cooldown only saved to individual items, then carrying multiple items of a type, or passing a new one after using another would allow you to bypass that cooldown. The new item wouldn’t be on cooldown when you receive it.

If the cooldown only saves to the hero, then you need some system to keep track of the cooldown after the last item and its ability are removed from the hero. Otherwise, passing items back and forth will cancel the cooldown. This system would also have a problem where passing a single item back and forth would allow each hero to use the item separately without waiting for the cooldown. which can be considered another form of abuse.

If you want to prevent both of the aforementioned methods of abuse, then you need a cooldown system that affects both the items and the hero, but even that has a problem. If a hero uses item 1, and passes item 2 (same item type or cooldown group) to another hero, then this item will probably remain on cooldown on the new hero.

Oh, and did I mention that some abilities have cooldown groups? The abilities for healing and mana potions usually have a cooldown group such that all abilities with that cooldown group also go on cooldown when you use the item. This prevents players from cheating around the cooldown on those potions by carrying potions of different sizes or healing amounts.

This needed to be rolled back. they caught their issue and fixed it. it means they’re paying attention and acting accordingly. thanks blizzard.

And guess what: the speed bonus of Ghoul Frenzy still 60 instead of 70 (as of – in other words: there is no “increased by 10” thing. I can’t say if it’s a forgotten tweak or just another “Back-and-forth Hotfix”…