Countdown begins ! Fingers crossed

For 1 hour will be new day (midnight Tuesday)

Tuesday = news.

News=Possible We or Patch :smiley:

Possible Patch = Possible Bnet 2.0

Possible Bnet 2.0 = Possible new extra screenshot of Reforged as extra content to stay calm and please the fans !

Countdown Begins !

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What makes you think we will get something in Tuesday?

Even if your information is true, it’s 2 PM in California right now, so it’s more than 1 hour before tuesday for Blizzard

They usually announce or publish something in Tuesday…Thats why

Remember they said WE in February ? I mean next Tuesday is 26th February and its end of the month…That would be very late and unlogical, so my fingers crossed for Tuesday…

You probably right about time zones (i was counting in mine time sorry…)

Even if the editor in february is a possibility, sadly there is nothing certain about this.

It’s in this thread:

LOL ahahahha xD :slight_smile:

Oh man i forgot spring part for WE…So logically I thought beta will be spring…Pff

If WE and Patch be in spring then beta will be moved too…

We will know tomorrow what order things will go…

Thats all i can say now -.-

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