Could we get a word on the leaderboard and MMR?

The leaderboards seem to be not reflecting mmr changes, nor are the games recording any mmr changes at all at the moment. Could we get a word on what’s happening?


would be nice to have accurate leaderboards.

The system has been broken since it shipped. It might be fixed in the next patch, but probably not.

Accurate leaderboards will be the identity for season 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the leaderboards need to be fixed and the MMR required to be in each league needs to be adjusted. Since release, there has been only ONE person who has made it to gladiator. You would still need an additional 1200 mmr to reach Champion. Adjust the arbitrary numbers to percentages. x% in each league would be much better, or just get rid of them altogether. The only other solution would be to increase the amount of MMR gained for winning and decrease it for losing.

The state of the Leaderboards is sad!
Even if they make accurate leaderboards.
When MMR is the factor that is responsible for your rank, this is bad. Active players should rewarded with high ranks. MMR only rewards passive players that are on a win streak and then quit the game blocking high ranks and making it impossible for more active players to be on top of the ladder!

I am rly surprised how out of touch the game design here is with modern psychology. Isn’t it better to motive active players to continue playing this game? Or is it better to only motivate a few small % of players that are able to create high MMR stats.

btw the MMR win and lose are complete unfair, with high MMR a single lose can destroy a win streak of 4 or 5 wins. This is sad!

This system is years old and the people who designed it never finished it. None of this is intentional, but there is no one to fix it.

I got -1mmr in 2v2rt and cant find games anymore lol