Campaign saved game won't load or are corrupted

I sat down this afternoon, and warcraft 3 reforged had an update.
I went to load my saved game from last night and it sais…
“there was an error trying to load the selected saved game”

This goes for all of my saved games, not just the one file. So now I have to start the campaign I’m on again from the start when I was on the last mission.

Do these updates not get tested before being released?

Would love a fix to this, as it’s a huge waste of time now.


Save files are not compatible between updates that change the campaign maps.

This update removed much of the Reforged campaign content.

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it was tested extensively, actually (mostly by the players on the PTR though)

this is a simple case of “the map was changed thus old saves are not compatible” as arc said

Yes, I noticed that. Only it is unclear WHY it was done?!

Because the campaign content had issues, and from my understanding is that the people who did it aren’t at the company anymore (plus again the new people accidentally pushed it to live). Basically, since it wasn’t announced and it had issues, it got reverted. I guess the issues with that commit were bigger than the benefits of keeping it.

It’s stupid anyway. It is also stupid to constantly change the technical support team, each of which makes changes at its discretion.