Campaign files deleted

@Kaldraydis, I’m afraid this isn’t just about moving files. I was halfway through TFT when this forced upgrade hit, and now the game has been completely reset. The only sign of a save file now is in ~/Documents/Warcraft III/BattleNet/#######/Campaigns/Classic/Classic.w3p, and this file is pretty clearly a new campaign save.



I’ve searched through the Warcraft III installation folder, and it has been cleaned of anything save related. At least the update could have left the original data alone as a backup.

After the patch my campaign progress is gone.

after new patch everything is gone… fix it…

whole progress in campaign is lost. Was on TFT scourge already

I been trying to save campaign on my MAC for a few months now going back to regular ole Warcraft 3. Now that reforged is out ( i didn’t buy it ) but I reinstalled regular WC3 again and still all my profiles don’t save and vanish when you try to load. Anyone know why

The below post has been edited for clarity regarding the nature of the fixed bug and whether or not to troubleshoot. Later replies in this thread may reference an earlier version of this post.

Hey folks,

We did a patch which should have fixed the campaign progress bug a bit ago, but in so doing some changes to maps were implemented as well which invalidated saves. This should be the last time this occurs unless another bug comes up. What this means is that if you have this happen after Feb 8, 2020, you probably should troubleshoot the issue using the steps below. Otherwise, it was just a bug that has since been fixed so there is no point in you attempting to troubleshoot it.

If you are still having problems with your campaign progress saving after all this, most likely you are having a permission error of some type. Please try uninstalling security programs, ensure that your operating system is completely up to date, and if all else fails, create a new administrator account. Most players who we see having this issue still are not having their saves file created correctly due to permission problems.

So you are basically saying for those who lost all campaign progress, we have to live with it and it MIGHT not happen again unless another issue comes up? Im not sure how many players would pre-emptively predict that saves would be affected by security programs, or operating systems being up to date, honestly not many other games get affected by this. Moreover, why is it that when I move devices I have to start the campaign ALL over again, unlike what you did with SC2? Ive been a die hard blizz fan for all my gaming life… Ive never seen anything like the mess that is Reforged

Hi, I’m logging into reforged this morning and lost everything! more than 30 hours of gameplay!!! help???

yeah i’m refunding…

So are you customer support guys going to address the campaign progress that you deleted with this patch, or just hope it goes away?

My thoughts exactly.

this answer is a joke! “this should be the last time this occurs unless another bug comes up” ??? seriously?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear with that reply. I’m editing it to make it make more sense, but the intent is expectation setting. Basically, if players have save issues after the date of that post, it means they should troubleshoot the issue. If the saves becoming invalidated happened on or before that date, it means it was just the bug so there’s no point in troubleshooting. Appreciate the feedback anyway.

Your game is just… WTF and if it wasn’t because i was so big of a fan of War 3 I would had ask for refund along time ago !!!

I lost ALL of my progress!! and try to scan and repair without luck…

This game does not live up to blizzard expectation!! is more like some alfa/beta bug game that need to get fixed!!! and I support that you going to give out for free!?
Because that way you treat you customers are not in a professional way!!
you do it over and over and over again! by promising something and then cut content even in World Of Warcraft !

Just so you know !
Next time call it! Warcraft Refunded!.

YOU DID IT AGAIN! i cant load any of my campaign saved games! i DEMAND this to be fixed, period

You did it again, just in the following patch, LOL. you have to fix this, one time is acceptable but this person sums it up perfectly.
“I’m not going to take the risk of playing several days and beefing my heroes up and making cool saves here and there, then later (after another patch) see that I can’t load those savegames ever again!”

It seems that this is part of the patching process seeing it happens almost every time. It’s probabaly best to periodically back up campaign progress to be safe:

Im so frustrated, the patch made it impossible to access my saved campaign games, AGAIN. I cannot keep playing knowing this is going to happen every single month

Hey SHV,

I understand how losing the ability to load your saves after a patch can be a bit frustrating. I posted about this after patch 1.32.2 launched a while back, but this is how the game currently works when map files are changed during a patch. Our Warcraft 3 team is aware that this is a pain point for some. If you would like to see this behavior change, make sure to let the developers know on the General Discussion forums where they look at feedback and suggestions from the community.

Since this thread was originally about a different bug with losing ALL campaign progress (not just saves not working) and that bug has been resolved I’m going to go ahead and close it.