Campaign crashing

For the past week the campaign has been completely unplayable.
If the game doesn’t CTD on mission launch, the it will happen within 5-10 minutes of mission start.
I’ve spent the last two days reading forums and have set particles to low and reduced all graphics to low. Still crashing.
I uninstalled and reinstalled on another hard drive. Same problem.

I have no issues when playing single-player maps or multiplayer.

If I can’t get this fixed I’d like to request a refund. I bought this get for the campaign and if it’s unplayable, then I didn’t get what I payed for.


Have you deleted the crash logs from your C drive?

Same experience here. Home sick from work, decided to buy the game despite everything I’ve heard in the past 3 years, because I figured they must’ve fixed it by now. Constant crashes in the campaign. Couldn’t even identify the exact reason(s). One thing is for sure, though. If 8 year old me back in 2002 experienced the game crashing just once (let alone 4 times - again, in a SINGLE fight, had dozens of crashes total) after winning a hard fight in the campaign, Blizzard would be several thousand dollars poorer today (probably a tiiiny bit more, I couldn’t be the only person who grew up expecting quality from Blizzard and throwing money at them faithfully for 20 years). I find it honestly Appalling that a full price 3 year old remaster of a 20 year old game can’t even sustain stability in the single player campaign. There’s no possible excuse. None. Nada.

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