Campaign Bugs: Archimonde is Level 1 in Hyjal + more

On the Final Reign of Chaos Night Elf mission in reforged
Chapter 7 Twilight of the Gods

~Archimonde is LEVEL 1!
Hes supposed to be level 10 and have his abilites! Fix please

~Also In The Final Orc mission By Demons be Driven.
Jaina does not exist in her base.

~In Classic Reign Of Chaos Night Elf LEVEL 2 (daughters of the Moon) Tyrande has no inventory and loses items from previous level on ground.

~In Reign of Chaos Nightelf Ch3 The Awakening of Stormrage. The ICE protector for the Horn has no inventory so his Orb of Frost is laying on the Ground.

In Reforged + Classic
~When Arthas picks up Frostmourn the new hero is a default template meaning any tomes gathered in the entire campaign don’t count.

~In Classic Reign of Chaos. MALFURION USES HIS MOUNTED STAGE MODEL. No just no.

So like +5 strength +50 HP +1Agi lost assuming you had him eat all the tomes.

~also… why is there a murloc tiderunner inside Illidans prison in Brothers in Blood…

~In the Culling and Prologue Ch4 The Fires down below you guys left a little surprise in the bottom right of the maps.

A building and 4 units for testing purposes? Why were these not deleted when the map was finished. What are you doing.

~ I don’t know what you did with all these shadows in Classic but it’s ugly as sin and makes everything foggy and gross.

~ In classic The Crystals on Ziggurats are a disaster and are just Black and ugly.

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