Campaign Bug with health bars

Hey blizzard lol still have a few more bugs to iron out. When i was playing campaign there is 2 bugs i wanna report. 1. there was a bugged building back in human Campaign that my units could attack but i could not see it. Inadvisable building bug lol. 2. This bug bugs the f*** out of me. health bars on units will just disappear, even when set to always on. During this like 2 min bug health bars don’t show and when you try to place a building it wont show up or place. It lasts a few mints then just comes back on its own. BUTTTTt it gets olddddd fasttttt why? WC3 with that 12 unit limit you really need to see health and keep track of when you need to go in and out of the fight with a low health unit. The micro is very important witch we all know lol. I am very scared to play 1v1 or any online mode yet because this bug would give me cancer in a real match. I am playing it right now… and it keeps happing over and over and over… only started when i started frozen thrown… and it sucks i can’t place buildings. makes me wanna call it a day on WC3. Wait (update) i can place buildings, i just cant see the shadow of where the building would go… Also the bug is getting worse and worse lasting longer and longer to the point were i cant handle it anymore and quit and restart WC3. Everything is fine for 5 mints then Poof Health bars are gone and can’t see shadow of building placement. (also i can record this bug if you guys want.) I really can’t play like this


I am having the exact same bug, the health bar one, I did record it. i don’t know what is going on, i never encountered it until I started the Sentinel campaign, I think it may be campaign specific (hopefully). I can get around it by saving, then loading the save, but as you said, seeing health bars in battle is really important. This bug didn’t start, for me, until the runner mission of the campaign and has continued ( I am not out of the Sentinel campaign yet, hopefully it will go away after). I hope this gets fixed, it is really frustrating to deal with. Also, I did record this happening.


This is still an issue… makes it fairly hard to finish the campaign on hard. Is there any fix for it?

I have this issue too now. I am only playing campaign but it’s still very annoying and hard to manage. Has there been a fix? I even tried windows mode (fullscreen) and regular window mode too.