Bug when someone join a lobby


When u write on chat and someone join the lobby you can’t write anymore and need to click on the dialog bar for being able to write again. That’s kinda annoying.


I have the same problem. Every time someone joins the lobby the chat loses focus mid sentence.

This worked flawlessly over 20 years ago.

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Now what blizz make is sh*t they can ruin even good thinks…

I also have this problem. It’s so annoying. If you’re the host, and you press space bar when the chat isn’t focused, it starts the game. So if you’re typing when someone joins, it’ll start the game every time.

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How is this still a thing? What the hell kinds of clowns are working at this company?


Noo I’m not the only one… And its still happening. How ducked

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They just released a patch and this crap is still in? What the duck?

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It’s not just when some leaves either, happens when anyone leaves or changes location/color/team.
I host a lot so I end up starting a game anytime I press S typing while any of these things happens. I’ve accidentally started the game multiple times when its not ready. Stupid easy fixes… I don’t the chatbar overlay at all.