Bug on campaign mission - Reforged

Hello, it is first time I am playing campaign on reforged and I simply can’t finish the mission from ‘‘Chapter Seven, Part Three: Ascent to the Upper Kingdom’’ wich if from Frozen Throne campaign. When I kill the last boss behind the gate, the gate it is NOT opening and I can’t destroy since it is invulnerable.

This is the mission before the last one so basically I can’t finish the game lol.
Please help


How did you even get that far…the game has been crashing on me over and over since I got in 2020. I can’t make it past The Sentinels campaign

3 days no answering ?
Come on, Blizzard is such a big company. Do I have to wait 1 year for a fix ?

My friend, some bugs have been in this game for more than three years (!). And in the last patch Blizzard just rolled everything back, without fixing anything. And yes, the essence of all the latest patches is to constantly change the balance for tournament matches, so it’s probably not worth waiting for any fixes. What can I say - Blizzard smoothly sinks to the bottom.

Would also like it if US East servers could be re-added. Thanks!