Bug complaints of latest patch for me!

This is the only Blizzard game i play for real and i take this RTS game seriously. why are you patching to F!#$ this game up more? are you guys purposely making the game up to get rid of all your loyal customers? I am 90% done with Blizzard in general. all they do is f#!$ the games up we like.

and before the staff or customer service comments.
YES i have tried everything on your help page, looked up tweaks, all drivers updated, game is at maximum, restarted ip, flushed dns, looked for other tweaks, messed with graphic settings on my video card, and much much more! IT STILL DOES THIS BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPID UPDATED PATCH!

and yes i play with the bare minimum graphics, set on classic, windowed mode.
and also yes ive tried full maximum, medium, and bare bone. both in classic and reforged optional graphics.

I’ve never had so many issues with this game until today after the latest patch.

  1. Massive FPS drop
  2. performance Drop
  3. ping drop
  4. no mouse pointer (sometimes)
  5. 2min lag when creating a custom map online.
  6. Auto crash (every hour in a half or 2 hours of playing constantly)
  7. the engine is poor

my computer details:
ASUS TUF Gaming A17 (2023)

Processor AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS w/ Radeon 780M Graphics
Number of Cores 16
Speed 5.2 GHz
Stepping 1
Family 19
Model 74


Video Card:
Video Card AMD Radeon 780M Graphics
Chipset AMD Radeon 780M Graphics
Manufacturer ATI
Hardware T&L Yes
Total Memory 8.0 GB
Dedicated Memory 1.0 GB
Driver Version 31.0.14070.6001
Vertex Shader Version 6.0
Pixel Shader Version 6.0
Plug and Play ID VEN_1002&DEV_15BF&SUBSYS_19CD1043&REV_C1
Device 15BF
Vendor ID 1002

Video Card #2:
Video Card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Laptop GPU
Chipset NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Laptop GPU
Manufacturer Nvidia
Hardware T&L Yes
Total Memory 16 GB
Dedicated Memory 8.0 GB
Driver Version
Vertex Shader Version 6.0
Pixel Shader Version 6.0
Plug and Play ID VEN_10DE&DEV_28E0&SUBSYS_19CD1043&REV_A1
Device 28E0
Vendor ID 10DE

Operating System:
Size 64-bit
Operating System Windows 11
Version 10.0.22621
Locale 0409

BIOS FA707XV.312
Manufacturer American Megatrends International, LLC.

Free Memory 457 GB

DirectX 11.0
.NET 4.8

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I sympathize with you. FPS is the main parameter of RTS, and starting from version 1.36, FPS is less than 50% of 1.35

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