Broken broken broken

you broke the game with your updates. custom maps dont work, cant join a custom game as game crashes with errors, etc. i dont play the campain. havent for over 15 years. i played this game for the custome maps. i cant even play herooes and empires in single player, still crashes after about 10 seconds in.

grats on breaking the game i grew up playing with friends. you cant seem to do anything right

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If the custom maps crash, that’s on the map creators to fix, not Blizzard.

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I haven’t really had any problem with WC3R and I don’t have any skin in the game over custom maps so I’m not going to neg on people’s complaints about the game BUT I did want to mention that the original game from the CD still works.

I have it running on some older hardware to this day.

to be clear, the maps worked fine before the patch. they worked fine for 10+ years. blizzard made a change that broke the maps.

That’s great, you’re still not going to get a fix from them though. The creator might be able to.

Most likely the map(s) in question reference something from the campaign which was reverted or something like that, so short of them reverting the reversion, it’s only going to get fixed by the creator.

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Ridiculous philosophy. There have been many bugs in Reforged where the fundamental system that executes the maps breaks, and there is no mechanism in the map sandbox to workaround the break. Having the Warcraft 3 game itself crash from rain weather affects after the August 17th, 2022 patch is a pretty good example. You can hack a map to delete all rain, but even the ingame campaign was crashing until 1.36.1. The correct solution to the problem isn’t to whittle away at the map contents and delete all rain as a means to support a bugged patch, then delete all of some other thing in the next patch, etc, etc, unto infinity. The correct solution is for the underlying game system to work properly, with a bugfix in the C++ code that is not exposed to the end user [and that the end user, accordingly, cannot fix.]

The current leadership even acknowledges this, because 1.36.1 fixed the bug that was live from 1.33 until 1.36.0 that caused rain whether effects (and probably other particle systems) to sporadically crash the game. And they don’t anymore!

So, you’re incorrect in my opinion, and I believe that the developers understand that you are incorrect.

Reforged injects data into the Windows registry that causes the original systems of the original CD game to malfunction in at least one and probably multiple known cases. Telling users to go back to CD version if they want a working product – while functionally correct advise – is unfortunate. I think the users should be allowed to voice concerns if they wish to be able to buy a working copy of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne for their Windows 11 systems. Even if Activision/Microsoft chooses not to sell such a product, allowing users to voice their desire for it seems valid to me…

I also have the original Diablo 2 and StarCraft running.

That sounds like a challenge to the map maker. Sure, Blizzard should fix that engine bug, but until they do, the map makers have the task of making sure the map functions on this version of the game. That is not up to the creators of the game.
And if the map creators can’t make the map function? Well it’s unfortunate but they’ll have to wait for Blizzard to fix that bug.

It’s not Blizzard’s job to fix the custom maps specifically, just the foundation that these rest upon. And the developers also understand that.

mate, the CSW team has to readjust everytime blizzard makes a new patch

I fail to see how that’s Blizzard’s problem.

I don’t like that it is the case, but would you rather they do nothing to fix the issues?

This is… entirely normal when games get patched? Custom content routinely needs to be updated (unless it’s something really simple like a skin or something that doesn’t have any logic attached to it) when the things it depends on get changed. Blizzard has no responsibility to make sure your custom content works when they patch the game. In fact, that’s basically an impossible task, as they can’t test every bit of custom content to make sure it’s still working.

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