Bring inn Achievements?

I was just wondering if there might be a chance for achievements to apper in Wc3:Reforged ? I personally had a lot of fun in Starcraft 2 collecting all the achievements in the campagin. The problem with this is most likely that it would require online support while playing for being able to earn these. What do you guys think?
Edit: Yes there will be :slight_smile:


I like the idea since I’m playing SC2 too.

They said there will be achievements.

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Do you have the source? :slight_smile:

I don’t remember which one exactly, but it was in some of them. Actually, I think it’s on both in the Q&A with Nicholas Louie and the BlizzCon Panel.

All the sources are in this thread:

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I also want achievements !

Achievements are for mindless consolefags xD

Please don’t add multiplayer achievements that encourage non-optimal play (like build X grunts in a multiplayer game). Best would be to have achievements disabled when playing ladder games.

It sucks to play against when you find your opponent isn’t only interested in beating you. It sucks worse when it’s an ally in a team game.


Yeah. That would be stupid. I guess if there are multiplayer achievements, they are something like “Win X matches”, “Win Y matches against Z race” etc. Anything else would indeed just mess up the games.

Achievements would be pretty nifty.
Always enjoyed the challenge of doing things differently and finding ways to make it work.

I just hope that if they get in that you can get them again and again like in Diablo 3. Where you make a new character you get the achievements again (at least some of them

And I hope that they make them funny =)

Even that last one can screw it up a bit. If you’re trying to win Y games vs Z, you might just insta-quit when you don’t get a Z opponent.

Win Y matches as race Z is probably fine - it will encourage players to broaden their skillset.

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