Bought the game but on the ap it asks me to buy it

Basically the title. I bought the game today and when I went to install it the button didn’t change to install it stayed as Buy now. but if I click it at the store page it says the game is in library. I installed it directly by downloading it. Now it says there was an error while trying to login. And its asking me to upgrade. In my purchase it says the transaction was completed. so what might be the problem? Any solutions?

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Howdy Friday,

This is often due to the cached information in the Blizzard app. You can try closing the app entirely and then deleting those cached files.

I tried that didint help.

I too am experiencing this issue and deleting the cached files didn’t help me either.

First confirm that you are logged into the correct account in both the website and the desktop application itself. The most common cause of this is having multiple accounts and being logged into the wrong one.

Once you have confirmed you are using the correct account, restart the computer, this should force the desktop application to do a full update check for your account to ensure it knows all the licenses you own.

From there you can manually force an update (if needed) by downloading the Warcraft III: Reforged Setup File and running it. This should force the desktop application to update and allow you to install the client.

If that does not work, doublecheck the purchase order to ensure it shows as completed in your transaction history on the website. (Click your name at the top right of this page, choose account settings, then transaction history.)

From there if you need additional account specific assistance I recommend submitting a ticket. Click your name at the top right of this page, click support, then click contact support. Follow the prompts and one of our agents will work with you to figure this out.

Check your battle net is on Eu = Europe or US = America.
Where did you bought the game? At the installation it matters but after you will be able to play in any region.
Plus like said above, try to uninstall everything clear cache (using free CCleaner - or other app) and re-install.

Did all the steps Tried force downloading and install the game directly form the website it got installed but it it says in green letter that i have to upgrade the game. When i press play it says there was a problem logging in i tried deleting cashe and restarting and log outing several times nothing helped. the funny this is when i press the buy button it says the game is in my library

Same issue, bought the game, got exited and ready to jump in and drown into nostalgia. Honestly, at this point, just want to refund it, uninstall and move on - as such problems should not even be a thought… I’m just speechless, how disappointed I am in blizzard once again.

Bought the game, payment has gone trough, confirmation e-mail received, on store shows both versions in “library”.
Open the game page, shows “Buy now”, press on it, takes you to store - both games shows as in “library” - mind-blowingly stupid! (sorry, but not sorry)

Killed the via task manager, deleted folder - still same issue.
Restarted PC so the client “force updates” - still same issue.
Downloaded the game from the website, installed it. Open the game, can’t do anything as asks to log into account which owns the game and in game page shows “Upgrade available”, press on that and it takes you to store which says… you guest it - both versions in library. :rofl: :man_facepalming:

I’m sorry, but this is just beyond acceptable. If there is store issues, make an announcement, close the store and fix the issue - not just grab money from people wallets when nothing works. I’m frustrated and disappointed…

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Issue has not been yet fixed, blizzard please look into this as this has been major issue.

Day 3 or even 4, this major bug has not been fixed yet. It literally makes blizzard as a company “fraudulently” take people money and does not even provide the access to the content (can’t say the game is bugged or something) it literally takes just generates one way income. If this is not at highest priority for you guys to solve then keep on ignoring it and see what happens, as I’m documenting this.

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As a reminder, the Technical Support forums are mainly focused on basic troubleshooting so players can help each other with related issues.
At this point, I would recommend contacting us directly via a ticket Here.

Thank you.

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