Blood Elf Campaign

If this was a CD back in 1999 then there would be no game ruining bugs, or it would have been false advertising to release a game that wasn’t playable.

  1. campaign up to this point where the Blood Elf race begins towards the last 3 playable races worked. I am on campaign 1 episode 1 or whatever and it has no mode or method, it just crashes whenever it pleases. There’s no playing around it, or gaming the game, it just does what it wants. I have a feeling that it’s overall incompetency and GREED over at Blizzard, but also a combination of having the super large vision radius 24/7 over the map with the towers, and then maybe the tiny barracks in your pocketses. Those are two new features that were not in the other campaigns, as a result I have to blame those.
  2. the update loop. I am forced to “update” the blizzard client every time I blink. It will not go way, it just keeps updating, then goes right back to saying it needs to be updated. Again, if this was 1999 and a CD was released with this game as a feature, then this would be false advertising because the game is bugged, broken, not working, yet Blizzard for some odd reason you continue to sell this. Imagine a glass company selling broken panes of glass, or a car company selling broken cars. People would get refunds and the issue would be fixed, but here Blizzard has been doing this because there’s nobody but the FTC to “hold them accountable.” So, I recommend reporting all of this to the FTC as a class, call it, action class, or suit law class of action 2022. This crap is so dumb. I am seeing people posting discussions about this from months ago, so the fact that I am approaching this problem now, means that Blizzard you have failed to sell as advertised, and are thus scamming people.

Gnaw what I mean?