Black Screem

I can’t play because the game open with sound, but in black screem.

All other games are working.

Someone help-me, please.

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The most common reason for a black screen on startup is due to third-party software conflicts. I recommend disabling all background items following the steps Here. If the issue continues, please collect your Dxdiag, and paste it to Paste the link back here within the code blacks.

`Link Here`

Thank you!

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I am getting the black screen as well when starting ww3 - this is my paste - ------------------System Information------------------ Time of this r -
Please let me know as I tried everything.

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Howdy SolidGaming!

Checking your system files I recommend the following steps:

  1. Disable background programs following our steps Here. Before you restart the PC complete step 2:
  2. Download and update the Nvidia Driver, restart the PC.
  3. Goto your Documents → WarCraft III folder → Delete the War3Preferences.txt file this will force the game to pick up the new changes. Retest.

Thank you!

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Works great! Thanks


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