Big Bug for Gargoyle Prioritize Attack Mode

Dear Blizzard Team,

Hope you are well!

I found this Gargoyle’s “Prioritize Attack” skill bug while playing UD race. I wouldn’t be able to make sure all my gargolyes are on the same attack mode, unless I have to check one by one for each and every gargolyes, that’s not possible in a RTS game.

For example, I have 12 gargolyes, 6 of them( let’s say Team 1) are on default attack, other 6 gargolyes( let’s say Team 2) are on air prioritize mode, when I want to VS Hippo, I will have to change all 12 of them to air prioritize mode, but when you choose all 12 and change them all to air prioritize mode, in your screen, it looks like they are all on air mode, but if you check carefully. Team 1 gargolyes become air prioritize mode, Team 2 gargolyes become default mode. In this case, I will have to check 1 gargolye by 1 gargolye of all the 12 gargolyes, after you finish checking, 1 min already passed, you already lost the game…And immagine if you have 2 teams of gargolyes which will be 24, can you check one by one for the each and every gargolye’s attack mode?

That’s really a bug, when you choose all 12 gargolyes, and choose between the two modes, then they should all change to same mode immediately.

Please kindly repair this bug in next patch? Thanks a lot!

Kind Regards

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