Beta Deploy Update

(Pete Stilwell) #1

Howdy Friends,

We’re targeting 4 PM PST for today’s beta update.



Long have we waited, now we Jebaited

edit: thanks for informing


Nice, are the beta keys also rolling out at the same time for Virtual Ticket owners?


You dropped the ball petey!!!


Thank you for update.


Thanks for the heads up Pete!

Can you confirm that the World Editor will also be part of this update?


Thank you very much Pete! I hope you guys become a bit more transparent, that I see as a big reason this forum has devolved into a toxic mess! Keep us informed!


awesome :slight_smile:


I hope this beta update means more beta keys rolling out. I bought Spoils of War over a year ago and also the virtual ticket this year and I still don’t have beta access.


Cause you dont deserve it.


where is the patch notes?


As far as we know this is only for UD and 3v3, correct? A lot are speculating that this will include the Editor as well.


Are there going to be some patch notes? Would be sweet!


Thanks for letting us know.


Oh look, deceiver Pete shows his face.


Take this opportunity to ask a direct question, will you do the redesigned cinematics or will you continue using the old style?


Thanks for the update but if I may leave some constructive criticism maybe try and announce these things a bit more in advance. We have been waiting all day with not a word and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to get a bit pissed prior to this.


alright boys, see you tmrw then


Hype! Post-midnight EU time!

I wonder what you are thinking about the fire that is consuming these forums, Pete.


So you guys are deploying the new patch at 7am Malaysian time. Interesting.