Balancing Aura Item Drops

Suggestion regarding Aura items:
(reply to Remo’s feedback re one player getting Aura he already has causing imbalance)

Prevent Aura item drops to be the same as Auras from race that killed creep.

  • Eliminates 1v1 issue of one player getting useful Aura and other player getting own Aura (forced to sell).
  • This actually makes red creeps more meaningful! (cool)
  • Makes “last hit” much more meaningful, even if enemy gets item.


  • One could still (for eg.) get a flute with no range units or pipe with no casters… this does not deal with that randomness.


  • NE would get the best Aura drops? Kind of balances off the weaker Thorns Aura doesn’t it!
  • Any other cons?

ps: Why no Thorns Aura item? Could be a great green camp drop :wink: