Bad latency - but there's no network between the clients

I was testing opening multiple War3R clients on a single computer. With two clients logged out (offline), I decided to determine if each client could see the other in an offline custom game (essentially how a LAN would work, but without the LAN itself). I created a custom game in one client:

Then I looked for the game in the other client and it did appear. But the ping indicator was showing one red bar:

It just seems strange to me that the ping would be bad when the clients are on the same computer… no network between them.

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How is the ping once you get in game?

Does all the maps are online in some way? Even in WC3 maps i have like a 1 second of delay and no is not my internet/computer spec.

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It’s kind if bizarre. I’m used to a ping monitor updating in real time, say, every second or so. But in game, the ping only changes if I select something or issue a command.

When the game starts, the ping will be 0.00ms and it will not move from that until I click on/select something. I can type, pan the screen around and click on the terrain but it doesn’t move from 0.00 until I select something. But maybe that’s just the way it’s coded.

So, to the question:

Running a test now for an example.

Starting at 0.00
The first click was on the town hall. It jumped to 95.00
Clicked on the mine. It jumped down to 75.00
Selected the workers. Jumped up to 81.33.
Clicked the town hall again. Jumped down to 61.25.

From here I did a lot of clicking all over the place, say about 20 or 30. It mostly jumped around between 50 and 60.

Stopped to type this then did another rapid ~30 clicks. It jumped around between 30 and 60.

[There’s also the matter of having a ping when physically offline. Could something be up with ping altogether? See my reply to AkaNoSaber below.]


There’s something goofy going on when in offline mode. Even when I have my network card disabled and/or ethernet cable pulled out, there’s still ping:

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Back to work?

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