Are they adding the Over 4 hours of reforged cutscenes they advertised?

Because they are still advertising them on the offical WC3 reforged website and they still have the video of it on that page.

  • Over 4 hours of reforged cutscenes

So what’s the deal? Are you going to fix the game and add the things you advertised?


Watch them say the updated models in the cutscenes ARE the reforge.


haha i wouldn’t be surpised if they tried pulling that. But the thing that gets me the one cut scene they did do the culling of strathome ISN"T EVEN IN THE GAME.


Yeah see, here’s the thing. You probably didn’t care to pay attention but last year, at Blizzcon, they specifically stated that they were dialing it back due to divisive feedback from fans. It was announced during the Deep Dive panel.

Basically fans said “Don’t change the game” and others were saying “This is cool, it will bring in more players.” and faced with that, Blizzard looked at what they were doing and said “Nah, we don’t like this…” and dialed it back a notch so that the game more closely resembled ROC/TFT as far as overall cinematic gameplay was concerned.

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Wait, you mean besides reading the store page, and buying it I also have to attend to a pay-walled meeting, where only vague hints are being thrown at me, and than i could get a clear picture? /s


Blizzcon is where all the major Blizzard news, every single year is talked about, and multiple fansites go over the details of those panels for folks that cannot attend in person, or don’t want to buy a virtual ticket.

Point is, you can no longer say they “Didn’t tell anyone.” because they did. They stated in clear terms that they were dialing it back, and not to some obscure media website or journalist that was lost in the internet, but at their major convention that happens every single year.


You mean the panel that was behind a paywall of either the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket or actually attending Blizzcon? One statement in a presentation holds less value than features marketed on the product’s website and sales page.

The problem is that Blizzard refuses to communicate to their customers. The discussion would be different if they were up front about this, but you have no source to link me to these decisions because they don’t exist and weren’t plainly stated to the consumers.


Shared like on the frellin store page with the frellin youtube video as trailer. But naah some dude on a panel said something that you interpreted this way. I hope they use this during the lawsuit too Please accept this forum post your Honor!


And for those who want to see the panel:

I can’t post videos, as my trust level isn’t high enough yet, there’s a timestamped link.

Yeah…it’s not like they hold a huge convention for their fans every year or anything… smdh


I appreciate this, but we shouldn’t have to rely on third party sites to get this information. Blizzard needs to communicate this directly, not wowhead or MMO champion.


How? Do you want them to email you personally every time they make a design change? Have someone drop by your home to debrief you at the end of every work day? Maybe even optimize your PC while they’re at it?


So you’re ok with paying Blizzard to receive news about a product? Every other one of their games has more community involvement than WC3R. Blizzcon is cool, but we had an hour of news out of 365 days.

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Thanks for the link to some random person’s YouTube video, that was probably stolen from the pay-walled meeting. I shall follow his post instead of watching the trailers and updates from the company who’s store I buy their product, or correction used to buy products from.


Then buy a virtual ticket.

If you don’t want to rely on 3rd party sites, and want this news directly from the source, buy a virtual ticket.

It’s not a difficult concept. If you want news from Blizzard on where their development stands with games being produced, that’s the one place where you get a ton of it, because you have the developers of the games sitting on stage, telling you what they’re going to be doing.

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By making a post on their website, doing a dev video, having a live stream. You know, being transparent about a product that thousands have already bought into.


Dude, that’s the trailer. The game DOES HAVE 4 hours of WC3R cut scenes. If you played the game you would know that.

Instead you’re pissing and moaning about something you’ve seen on some bad click bait video.



Yeah, I am good with that. It’s news and entertainment and it costs a lot to put on. I don’t mind dropping a few bucks for the DirectTV ticket so I can go back and watch at my leisure. It’s close enough for me to attend (and I have in years past), but I’d rather watch remotely with a laptop, friends, a scotch in one hand and a cigar in the other.